Danielle Kendall – Founder of Team Hen

Website: https://teamhen.co.uk

“As founder of Team Hen, an independent online retailer of modern hen party accessories, I started out, like many, as a one-woman-band. However I quickly realised my time was not best spent making our products, it was actually the part I enjoyed the least. My real passion lay in the product design.”

“By outsourcing the parts I could teach someone to do, I could concentrate on working on the business – rather than in it. I took on staff early in my business journey, I had two children under three and simply could not ‘do it all’ – but it was the best decision I made; I got to be mum and director; my favourite two hats.”

“As a women in a product-based business, my advice to anyone starting out today would be NEVER take your eyes off the bottom line – you can absolutely turn your creative side-hustle into a successful business but unless you are making a real profit, it’s just a hobby.”

“Account for your raw materials, your packaging, postage and most importantly your time! Add a fair margin on top and consider early on if your business model could be adapted to suit wholesale also.”




“I’m now in my 7th year of running Team Hen, and I could never have envisaged we’d be where we are today – a full-time female team, our own warehouse and our newly launched wholesale initiative.”

“Don’t waste too much time worrying where you’ll be in 5 years, or what you want to achieve – just get on and do it – start small, but start somewhere.”