Theo Kauffeld and Louisa Wiethold – Co-Founders of Equalista



“While gender equality matters every day, International Women’s Day is a symbolic day to celebrate how far we have come and remind each other that we haven’t reached the finish line yet.”

“There are many inspiring people, communities, and organisations working hard towards gender equality around the world. Uncountable hours of work and large sums of money have been put behind this cause. Gender equality is part of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and high up on nearly every national agenda. Why is progress still so slow?”

“At Equalista, we believe that the first step to change is knowledge. We need to know about the problems we want to solve. We need the words to describe what is not working and to discuss possible solutions. How can we describe the inequality that has happened to us, discuss or share with other people how we can be more equal if we don’t have the words or facts to do so?”




“We believe as well that technology can be a gamechanger in providing knowledge at scale. One teacher can only teach so many people, but one learning app can reach millions. That is why we built a learning app about gender equality.”

“In the same way you can learn another language with a language learning app, you can learn the language of gender equality and the information you need to recognise and talk about it with the Equalista app. That includes defining a whole vocabulary of equality terms like patriarchy, mansplaining, and glass ceiling.”

“We want people to realise that we all play a part in upholding the system of inequality, but also reassure our users that everything we have learned can be questioned, challenged, and unlearned.”

“We guide people to develop awareness of what gender inequality looks like, sounds like, and feels like. Because our brains love familiar patterns – traditions, stereotypes, beaten paths- and it takes intentionality to explore how to do it differently.”

“One of the most important things that we can enable with our app is that people find their own agency. Even though gender inequality is a systemic issue and we need political and large-scale solutions, each and every one of us can do small things to help the cause. Knowing our options is a huge step towards facing gender inequality with more confidence and better outcomes.”