Ornit Maizel – Co-Founder of Sunbit

Website: http://sunbit.com

“International Women’s Day is a great time to acknowledge the progress that women have achieved to date, while spotlighting how much work is still to be done.”

“Throughout my career, I have been lucky enough to have my work and skills recognised largely without regard for gender. However, I know this is not the case for many women — especially those in tech and other historically male-dominated sectors.”

“For instance, one report shows that “women currently remain highly underrepresented in software engineering (14% of total workforce) and computer science-related jobs (25% of total workforce).” This disconnect between my personal experience and the facts of underrepresentation needs to change. I hope I can do my part to make that change a reality.”




“For starters, as a co-founder and CTO at Sunbit, I have the power to push for inclusion and fair representation within my own company. I’m proud to say that 40% of our workforce identifies as female. Our entire organisation is committed to bringing transparency and fairness to the lending process, which naturally can lead to better outcomes for women as well.”

“I am committed to participating in programs and services that help other women find their place in the tech world. Some of the programs include a start-up school for women in tech, and an organisation working to close the gender gap in business. These groups work actively to level the playing field and raise awareness around  the importance of gender diversity.”

“I hope that International Women’s Day gives people of all genders a moment of pause. Yes, celebrate our achievements, but also look for more ways to make a difference. By building community and seeking support, as well as offering opportunities, gender parity in compensation, and even advice, to other women, we can collectively continue to move forward.”