Sofia Altuna – Host of VOICE Talks

Sofia Altuna – Host of VOICE Talks


“International Women’s Day (IWD) is an important opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women. It’s also a key moment to amplify the visibility of female role models to motivate further women and inspire young girls to achieve their potential.”

“As host of the “VOICE Talks” show and a member of the Google Assistant product team, I’m proud to be involved in a technology movement that encourages equality. Voice technology and artificial intelligence (AI) have the power to make the world more equitable and accessible, but the technology itself can also be impacted by the demographics of the people who build it. In order for technology to address the needs of women, it has to be built by women. We have a responsibility to reset the norms and build technology products to be inclusive regardless of race, gender, economic status, and ability.”




“Personally, I would like to encourage all young women and those aspiring to have a career in tech to be curious and take every opportunity to learn, to believe that there is nothing you cannot do (because it’s true!), and to ask for what you want! Curiosity keeps your mind active, and expands your knowledge and imagination, allowing you to see new ideas and dream bigger.”

“Believing in yourself boosts your confidence and positive mindset, empowering you to be proactive and productive. Asking for what you want – whether it is a promotion, salary increase or more responsibility – can often get you what you want! It is incredible what you can receive if you just ask (others won’t know unless you explicitly tell them). These points have helped me advance my career. I’ve really had to work hard on these myself, particularly those last two, but upon doing them, the reward has almost been instant.”

“Mentors have also played a crucial role in my life. Some of my best mentors are leader’s that I’ve worked with either on my day-to-day role, on side projects or volunteer work. It is important to build natural relationships with people whose opinions and mentorship you value, so they can provide you with more guidance, more often. I’ve found that having that connection really helps mentors provide you with tailored advice, and create long lasting relationships.”

“As a woman, it’s been incredible to see the upsurge in gender equality over the past years. Echoing the IWD campaign, collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world. This is our moment to not only have a seat at the table, but also our responsibility to pave the path for those who will come after us.”