Sophie Awdry – Co-Founder of Eco Glitter Fun


“Eco Glitter fun was born from two fun-loving party animals, whose mission is to bring responsible sparkles and plastic pollution awareness to the world. We sell biodegradable glitter online and via retailers, partnering with brands, events and ambassadors – all in aid of spreading the ‘reduce plastic’ message.”

“Our packaging is plastic-free, and we continue to find ways to further reduce the amount of plastic used in every aspect of our business.”




“Since launching our business 4 years ago we have learned a lot about ourselves as well as the retail world. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, we would recommend considering a few things before starting your journey.  It will change your life in ways you probably haven’t thought about. You will work all day every day, your relationships will be put under a lot of stress, and financially it will be tough at times.”

“You will doubt yourself and your abilities almost every day. But when it works, when you make that sale, or an exciting collaboration pops up that you only dreamt about, suddenly it’s all worth it! The entrepreneur lifestyle is not for everyone – or as glamorous as it may appear on social media, but the satisfaction you receive when something you created does well is indescribable.”