Dvorah Graeser – CEO of KISS Platform

Dvorah Graeser

Website: https://kissplatform.com

“I’d advise women to always develop deep technical skills and certified qualifications if they’re in a male dominated industry. Get good at coding and develop a portfolio of your work, or obtain higher degrees and other certifications – something that is quantifiable. Everything is easier to overcome if you have quantifiable skills to support your work.”

“A lot of people, especially men, don’t trust that women can be as knowledgeable and skilled (or more!) as others. In many jobs, they won’t even take on tasks to show if you’re capable of doing them.”

“Sadly, women are always asked for their credentials, which is something men rarely have to do.”

“Showing my credentials has been super helpful for me throughout my career. If people don’t trust I know what I’m talking about, I just show them my credentials. Plus it’s easier to get experience — and to have that experience accepted as valuable — if you have certifications. They act as a sort of social proof and neutral advocate for your own expertise and knowledge.”

“For women that want to start their own businesses, I recommend you having a diverse team. At my companies, we have a very diverse team because we don’t hire people just because they look like us. We hire people because we share the same values and the same passion for supporting innovation. Besides being able to work with a lot of talented and smart people, you’ll also be part of the change, helping others in their careers!”

“The tech industry is especially challenging for women. Although things are changing little by little for the better, the image of the white male CEO is prevalent. One of the biggest reasons for this is that women can’t see a clear path ahead. We see less qualified men getting better salaries and positions, we make a lot of sacrifices for our job, and still, we can’t see a clear way up.”

“This is one of the biggest problems because a lot of women decide to go to other industries to advance their careers (or simply because they’re more welcoming), we’re losing a lot of talented, capable, and smart women!”

“One way to solve this is by having mentoring programs where we can prepare women to get to higher positions in the ladder. The more women we have in leadership positions, the more women we’ll have in the industry in general.”