Abbie Roberts – Google Ads Expert & Marketing Consultant

Abbie Roberts


Abbie Roberts – Google Ads Expert & Marketing Consultant



“I’ve had my business for 5 years now, but during my first marketing role I was the only woman on the team, and it was intimidating. The agency I worked for was also 90% male. I didn’t want to seem weaker or less capable than my male peers and this contributed to me keeping my terrible anxiety disorder a secret. My business was then actually born from the most difficult time in my life, during a crippling depressive/anxious episode after losing that job.”




“Following the entrepreneurial path and starting my own business allowed me to create the routine I needed to thrive, and recover. I admitted things sucked, reached out for help, and created the environment I needed to heal and grow. It was hard work, but now my life is full of colour and freedom I never thought possible.”

“International Women’s Day for me is a time to remember the powerful history of women’s rights, and how far we have come. But also to remember we only got this far by working together. As a fiercely independent CEO myself, I think as “ambitious” women we can sometimes become too independent for our own good, and get burnt out. This is especially true for those of us in “techy” and analytical roles where our peers are 70%+ male. We have to spend more energy on being “louder and prouder” than our male counterparts to really be heard.”
“My message to other talented and ambitious ladies out there on International Women’s day is… design your life around YOUR unique needs, but don’t be an island. Create a support network around yourself and open up when you need support. Needing help does not mean you’re any less strong or successful. Embrace your own unique feminine energy/skill sets and use them to your advantage. Our ability to connect and support one another is what truly makes us powerful… and that is also what inspires real change within our industries!”