Elyse Dickerson – CEO of Eosera, Inc

Website: https://eosera.com

“As International Women’s Day approaches, and as the CEO of Eosera, Inc., (a multi-million-dollar, female-led, biotech company that addresses underserved healthcare needs) I find myself ruminating on what International Women’s Day means to me.”

“Having been through the corporate world full of suits and ties, finding myself the only woman in a boardroom meeting more times than I can count, International Women’s Day means recognition. It means, at the very least, acknowledgment without looking askance at women who have built companies, climbed corporate ladders, raised children, educated themselves—autodidactically or institutionally.”




“It’s a day to appreciate and celebrate women who work in STEM and who work in the creatives; it’s a day to ponder on working moms, the ones in the office and the ones that transitioned to working from home. It’s a day to think about the stay-at-home moms and their effort to raise socially conscious people. It’s a day to think about transgender women and the indefatigable work they do.”

“On this day, more than I hope these women are recognised, I hope they’re celebrated. I hope they’re distinguished and admired. I hope they get the raises they deserve to equalise pay parity. I hope they get promotions to even out the male-dominated c-suites. I hope they look back in 5 or 10 years and become astonished at the progress we made in gender equality.”

“Most of all, I hope they know their hard work isn’t for nothing; I hope they understand that the women behind them walk on shattered glass from the ceilings they broke. I hope, today, they rest easy, but they never give up. There is work yet to do.”