Katrina Borissova – Founder of Little Danube

Website: https://www.littledanube.co.uk

“I’m Katrina I founded Little Danube during lockdown, a vegan and natural soap brand with products designs that have an exciting signature look with quirky aesthetics that make self-care a unique experience.”




“International women’s day us is the celebration and recognition of women’s achievements as a focal point in the movement for equality. It’s a civil awareness day and also a call to carry on and pursue the journey to keep challenging the society we are in to build an equal and inclusive environment.”

“One issue that still requires change is the current gender gap and the consistent struggle for equal pay where progress and tangible actions are still slow.”

“While this has been voiced for centuries and women have been adjusting to male-centric environment men need to start seeing this as a major issue for real change and disruption to happen. Becoming aware of the gap is not enough, men should be able to take actions to amplify women’s voices and create a dialogue for change and possibilities. The impact of a male CEO or at a senior leadership level taking a salary cut for a female colleague to receive equal pay speaks louder than talking about what will be done.”

“While there is a long way to go, there is for sure hope. A concrete example that has inspired more than one women is the consecutive appointment of two female Managing Directors at the IMF, Christine Lagarde and Kristalina Georgieva.”

“While a decision of women in top senior positions across the Atlantic might seems business as usual for some, it was a very impactful moment for me and my thought process. Finding it difficult to ask for direct mentoring nor I never found the channels to be mentored as a young girl it meant that my potential was untapped. Seeing a prevalence of women in senior and decision-making positions enabled me to visualise success and live up to my potential without the limiting belief.”

“Many girls are still going through their youth without a model or mentor, but when the numbers of women in leadership is rising there is a promise to contribute towards innovation, job creation, and economic growth has been untapped yet.”