Elena De Sosa – Director of Strategic Partnerships at Geenee AR

Website: https://geenee.ar

“I’m the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Geenee AR, a no-code drag & drop platform for creating Augmented Reality experiences that live on the Web. I first started working in tech in 2013 when I joined the Google Glass team.”

“I’ve since worked on innovation teams in the advertising space and have now found my way startup-side with Geenee. Each day is a welcome challenge as my small but mighty team works toward building a world where AR exists at scale.”

“The more time I spend working in AR, the more I’m inspired to be hands on in the creation process. This is something I may have felt too intimidated to do in the past, or perhaps I didn’t even realise was an option available to me–which I think historically has been the case for a lot of women.”

“At the moment I’m taking a class to learn Maya and 3D modelling and it is awesome to see there are a lot of other women enrolled. I’m really grateful for continued learning opportunities and supportive colleagues, both male and female.”




“As more resources become available, I believe we will start to see an increasing number of women enter the industry as makers and engineers. Organisations like Girls Who Code are vital to showing young girls an entry-point into tech careers, as well as how fun and rewarding it can be to work on the creator side. Over the past decade it has been heartening to see more and more women take on leadership roles in tech. There’s still a long way to go, but it seems like we’re moving in the right direction.”

“That said, observing International Women’s Day is really important, especially in 2021 when a day-in-the-life of many women includes shouldering the added responsibility of providing round-the-clock childcare, along with killing it at work, all on top of the emotional burden of existing during a pandemic.”

“International Women’s Day is an opportunity to pause and reflect on how we can all better support our female colleagues by creating workplace environments that allow us to grow and thrive in our careers.”