Lauren Mandt – Co-Founder of CrimeDoor


“On International Women’s Day we are reminded to support those around the world who are striving for independence without fear; finding growth through education and finding their confidence through positive community support.”

“Working in the tech industry I have learned to cultivate curiosity and resolve to be a lifelong learner, able to adapt and evolve in a changing workforce. Be confident in your value as a person and be humble as a worker. Learn to be a team player, yet look for opportunities to bring unique offerings to the table. The phrase “you get out as much as you put” in is a real thing. Be the first one in and the last one out, others will always recognise hard work.”

“Along the way it is up to you to learn from your seniors, take what you learn and apply it to an ever changing market. Always be in motion, yet stand by your collective sisterhood brethren.”




“International Women’s Day is a time for everyone to recognise the importance of women as partners in life and business. However, the takeaways from this one day event should become a part of our daily rituals. This is not a birthday celebration, women are critical to everything, whether acknowledged or not. It’s up to each person to make sure this is alive and well all the time.”