Gemma Allen – Vice President of B2C Technology at IDA Ireland’s New York Office


“One of my favourite mantras is ‘behind every successful woman is a tribe of successful women who had her back.’ Now, more than ever, this is paramount. The pandemic brought unprecedented challenges for women to the surface both at home and at work. We need to support each another and collectively pave the way toward success. We must band together and advocate to help other women succeed, now more than ever.”

“To me, today is about recognising and applauding the resilience and tenacity of my female colleagues and friends. It’s about celebrating how far we have come toward achieving gender equality in the workplace and community, but also recognising that we still have challenges to overcome.”

“Early in my career I learned that there’s never the perfect moment to speak up. But I was encouraged by great managers to stand up, speak out and follow my gut. Women can be cautious with our opinions and reluctant to do this, but good mentors can encourage women to be confident and trust our instincts, our abilities and our desire to learn.”

“Women who have broken barriers should encourage others to understand pre-existing assumptions and reservations that exist and help them think bigger and bolder. It’s important that we both look for mentors and act as mentors for others.”

“I started my career in 2007 as a graduate hire at Microsoft when the focus on women and gender parity was still new. Although the recession of 2008 interrupted progress generally, Microsoft put a huge focus on women and gender balance.”




“I benefited from great mentors and programs to help me realise my own potential. In IDA Ireland, where I now work, 60% of our workforce is women. Together we encourage huge foreign businesses to build a presence Ireland.”

“Companies such as Microsoft, Vodafone, VMware, Accenture, Dell, Rent the Runway, Apple, Airbnb, JP Morgan, PayPal and others are led by strong women in Ireland and it’s inspiring to see how far women have come in leading these types of global brands.”

“Looking forward we are implementing programs such as continued remote working that can support greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This is important as we work to reinsert women into the workplace that may have been side-lined by the pandemic.”