Isabella Strambio – Macramé artist, Educator and Author


“I am a macramé artist, educator & author. I use only natural and 100% recycled materials for my work. Since 2016 I taught hundreds workshops and masterclasses at private events and large companies such as Facebook and Nandos.”

“I am very proud of my amazingly supportive and diverse social media tribe, I wrote a book and my business is thriving with projects and two more book deals in the pipeline.”

“Macramé is yoga for the mind; since establishing my macramé academy during the first lockdown, I regularly receive testimonials from my online students about how this meditative craft is helping them release stress and anxiety.”

“I am an interior designer by trade, worked in major design studios across the world, following the success of my blog to learn 12 crafts in 12 months I decided to become a full-time macramé artist. I now live in Hampshire with my husband and two daughters.”


Isabella Strambio


“IWD it’s a celebration of women in society, how much we have achieved and still need to fight for. Personally, I believe is about women and how stronger we are when we work together #communityovercompetition. Supporting and elevating each other is the only way we can make an impact in the world and inspire the younger generations to change the narrative and see progress for women.”

“That is why if you are struggling in a male-dominated industry, make a promise to yourself to be authentic and be proud to be a woman! As women we look at the world in a different way, we are amazing problem solvers, natural nurtures, and strategists and that’s exactly why we need more of us at the top and in male-dominated industries. We don’t need to fit in or act like men, we must put forward ideas, businesses, and solutions from a different angle and our unique approach with confidence.”

“My advice to all those incredible women out there starting out their business is not to wait for the perfect opportunity or to deliver the best website or product. Rise up from the fear of not being good enough and ready, do it now! Take one step at a time.  The excitement of wanting to achieve everything immediately can blur your vision, so don’t expect to succeed (whatever that means to you) the moment you announce ‘I am open for business. It takes time, dedication, and patience.”