Issi Briggs – Marketing Executive for Wade Macdonald


“It is a day of appreciation of the individual differences, positive influences and achievements of women, but also an opportunity to enhance awareness on the gross inequalities they still suffer. International Women’s Day is a day for us all to reflect on how equality has been challenged throughout history and has therefore positively shaped the way in which we now challenge bias and inequality in the present day.”

“Social media can have such a positive influence on awareness. I have friends and connections who are supporting and spreading educational resources to their networks, who in turn go on to mirror their actions. I have seen a rise in conversations amongst groups and individuals. Living within a very digital heavy era, communication of important messages and challenges is worldwide via the internet. This shift is making ripples in the movement against inequality.”

“Everyone at Wade Macdonald is assessed and rewarded based on their work ethic and achievements. Each member of the team has equal opportunities for upskilling, career progression and support.”




“I stand by equality. I will continue to educate myself on important matters and encourage and support positive change for this generation and the next. ‘We’ as a global community need to communicate positive and intersectional messages. This includes highly influential outlets such as leading brands, workplaces and educational curriculum.”

“Challenge bias and don’t let inequality stop your pursuit towards your ambitions and goals. Always remember to have faith in yourself and your ability. Expand your network, ask peers for help and do your own research. Social media again can be used as a platform to gain insight, connect with likeminded individuals and reach out to people who inspire you and promote positivity. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

“Recruitment is still an incredibly male-dominated environment and with that comes a couple of problems. The first is the culture that be created of hyper-masculinity, one that belittles women and makes it near-impossible for them to enjoy their line of work. Secondly, the lack of senior female role models means the problem is perpetuated throughout each generation. Without any diverse leadership, women at junior level are going to be put off taking that leap to senior level, or even entering the industry to start with.”

“Having my sister as a strong female role model inspired my desire to be successful and, in turn, be an advocate for other women. I truly believe it is so important for leading brands, celebrities, schools and other strong influencers to present encouraging messages to young individuals. We have the responsibility to speak up and support.”

“Work hard, learn new things and enjoy your journey. We all have different directions and aspirations we wish to pursue so no answer fits all, but be confident, stay motivated and motivate others around you.”