Susie Levitt – Co-Founder at Simple Satch



“International Women’s Day helps us remember how far we have come in gender equality and to continue to advocate for ourselves.”

“Looking back to 1908, 15,000 strong women pioneered and marched in the name of better working hours, fair pay, and the right to vote. As a female entrepreneur, IWD is a reminder to celebrate women’s rights; the right to start a business, the right to buy a home, the right to vote. On IWD and always, we should celebrate the power of women and the continued progress for future generations of women.”

“As women we should embrace where we have been and continue to advocate for equal opportunities and rights. Build confidence by becoming the best version of ourselves and encourage others to do the same. When you focus on becoming the best version of yourself, you will build confidence and start to recognise your worth.”

“We need to realise there is enough success to go around and to avoid jealousy or resentment. We need to pay it forward through women mentorship programs, staying positive, and working through challenges together. Females at different companies and businesses need to partner together to understand that our collective success is also our individual success, as a rising tide lifts all boats.”

As Kamala Harris has stated, “If we do not lift up women and families, everyone will fall short.” According to a report generated by McKinsey & Company, we could add as much as $28 trillion to the global GDP if we reached full gender equality by 2025.”

“This means it is not just up to women, but also up to men, to help advocate for equal rights and opportunities. There are so many ways men can continue to help achieve gender equality. The first is to debunk preconceived notions about anyone (no matter their background, race, religion, or gender), and to focus on merit.”

“Having a conscious effort to build out teams that are well-rounded is key. Understanding and acknowledging that gender inequality is something that is real, and we need to do our best as a community to level the playing field. Advocating for women to be in leadership positions, female mentorship programs, and highlighting and sharing female success stories is inspiring and encouraging to the community.”




“For women starting out in business careers and aspiring female entrepreneurs, one thing that really helps me is being extremely organised and knowing my business inside and out (especially my financials).”

“Having a strong financial acumen will not only help your business succeed, but will instill confidence in potential inventors, advisors, and help you move your business forward with proper forecasting and budgeting.”

“Also, practice how to communicate succinctly and confidently. When you get the chance to present to a large customer or give your elevator pitch to a potential investor, practice your one-liners or sound bites so they roll off your tongue.”

“Finally, I would also advise to have grit and being resourceful. Starting a company is hard work and you’ll be faced with challenges. Take a step back and map out how you can solve the problems effectively and in a financially sound manner. Sometimes our challenges can become our biggest opportunities once we learn how to overcome a hurdle. As Colin Powel said, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”