Jenni Riley – Co-Founder and Business Director of ITARMI

Jenni Riley


“My name is Jenni Riley and I am co-founder of ITARMI, an on-demand IT services provider working in 135 countries across the globe.”

“International Women’s Day is a significant celebration for me as it reminds me of my journey so far and the hurdles I have faced to get to where I am now.”

“Having started my career in the motor trade which was very much a male dominated environment, I was subject to many sexist comments around my capabilities as a woman. I used to find that proving people wrong worked far better than giving into the comments and negativity.”




“I worked my way up the ladder and became a manager where I looked after a number of body-shops within the M25. That then gave me the confidence to start my own consultancy business focusing on business development, events and marketing before finally moving on to found ITARMI with my husband.”

“I am a passionate advocate for women in business and am an active member of a steering group for business women in Surrey. I feel I have a responsibility to promote diversity and inclusion not only within my own company but also across industries in general. Organisations need to ensure that they are taking active steps towards hiring teams with greater diversity and making sure their culture is one that people from all backgrounds would want to be part of.”

“I believe the IT industry is actually one of the fastest evolving sectors and has fewer barriers than some other industries. The barriers are gradually being overcome by women who are scaling higher up in businesses and acting as role models or mentors for younger generations.”

“The one piece of advice I would give to someone trying to excel in any career is never underestimate yourself, stay true to your goals and the rest will follow.”