Katherina Lacey – Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Quincus


Website: https://www.quincus.com/

“International Women’s Day is a recognition of the accomplishment and determination of today’s women across the world. Every day, we’re a step closer to a more inclusive world as we work towards accelerating women’s equality regardless of our background.”

“To achieve equality, I believe one should be unbiased towards status, rights, or opportunities. Having said, awareness of gender equality has been substantial over the years. What I hope to see is more support and understanding between men and women regardless of industry.”




“To stay abreast of things, I believe self-enablement is important as it is all about developing the necessary skills to make sure that one is equipped with the latest know-how. Having good and fair competitions among peers allows one to think more innovatively, necessary for growth.”

“I always believe in three things:

  1. Be open to critics – self-aware of the gaps in their skill sets
  2. Learn to unlearn as things change all the time – becoming more receptive to new knowledge
  3. Perseverance – roads might be rocky, but with the right motivation, you will get there”

“If you can dream it, you can do it. At Quincus we have a mentorship group called Women@Quincus, designed to promote teamwork and mentorship among women employees, regardless of their nationality and background.”

“Most importantly, never lose faith in yourself and, if you need a little guidance, reach out to potential mentors. They can be from your company, industry, community or an association. However, do not rush into finding a mentor – find the person whom you could trust and share your concerns and be open to let him or her guide you.” 

“I am fortunate to have the chance to work with people who believed in what I can do and guided me throughout my career. My dad plays a significant role in my journey, inspiring me and instilled in me the importance of learning from failure.”

“The Supply Chain and Logistics Industry, which I represent, may be a very niche industry but people are slowly understanding the importance of bringing a fresh array of perspectives to the table. I look forward to welcoming more women into the industry.”