Amadea Hills – Owner of Waves Flip Flops UK



“Having grown my career within Supply Chain, I have always found I have had to prove myself a little more than my male colleagues, and have had few female leaders through that time.”

“Ever since I was young, I have had a passion and drive to start my own business but as time in a well-paid and stable career progresses with bills and responsibilities growing, this turned into something of a pipedream, until I spotted my opportunity.”

“Whilst visiting Sri-Lanka with a friend in Spring 2019, I discovered Waves Flip Flops, 100% Natural Rubber, fairly made and plastic-free. It was such an obvious idea, to replace the more common petrol-based/plastic component flip flops, I assumed there was already an established option in the UK but on further investigation, there was not.”




“Seeing an opportunity to fulfil my dream of running my own company I contacted the company in Sri Lanka, offering to manage and run the UK arm of Waves Flip Flops. Fast-forward 2 years and I now own and run Waves UK, with a successful online store, growing each year into wholesale and bricks & mortar stockists. During this time, I still also have a full-time career as a Supply Chain manager.”

“For me, the leap from secure, well-paid job to running my own business seemed too large. So, I took an opportunity, where, with some careful time-management and some social sacrifices I can successfully achieve both. International Women’s Day inspires me every year, reading and highlighting the achievement of women across all industries. In a world where it is too easy to tear each other down, International Women’s Day celebrates the success of other women around us.”

“Since starting Waves Flip Flops, I have met such an inspirational group of women, owning and running successful Eco-focused businesses for a better tomorrow. This year, I hope I can inspire other women to believe that they can achieve their dream and the path to your own business can be one that suits your pace.”

“If I could give one piece of advice to other women, I would tell them to visualise what is holding them back from achieving their dream and break that barrier down into tiny bricks from which you can make actions to pull down the wall. Surround yourself with people who celebrate your successes and do not begrudge them.”