Lyndsey Gribble – Wild Sea Calligraphy


“Some don’t care for IWD but for me it’s a chance to really shout about and big up the achievements of women either in business, as friends or current and historical figures I feel we need to yell from the rafters of their achievements.”

“The women who have pushed barriers and striven to better themselves, their lives and the lives of loved ones. It’s easy to forget that even in 2021 there are still hurdles in our way – we have to leap over them to get where we need to go.”


Wild Sea Calligraphy


“Sometimes it’s an emotional battle, other times it’s navigating the tricky politics of a work environment. For me it’s raising a family whilst chasing my dreams. Because I know if I’m struggling there are millions in the same position as me. Or, really sadly, in worse situations who always manage to rise up like a phoenix.”

“Whatever you do, whatever stage you are at don’t give up – things may not work out but when one door shuts, believe me at the most random time another will open. It’s a cliche but things happen for a reason, and if it doesn’t work out maybe it wasn’t mean to be. Just keep pushing ahead, keep your goals in site and smash it.”