Mollie Krengel – Founder of Wild Hive and Wild Bum

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“We all know that women carry many different identities and roles – whether it’s in the workforce, or at home caring for our loved ones. We bring invaluable characteristics and strengths to our environments and communities. In a world that so readily emphasises the external, (i.e. the masculine), never has it been more imperative to celebrate and honour the achievements of women.”

“The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Choose to Challenge’. “A challenged world is an alert world. And, from challenge comes change.” It’s not only on IWD, but every day, that this has been a personal ethos of mine. So many women can attest to the hard work and dedication that goes into living a life more awake, more alive, yearning for growth and meaning.”

“Starting and running my own companies, both of which are infused with this spirit, takes an immense amount of willingness to be constantly challenged! But, to believe that it is worth it. To set an example for my own children, an incredible daughter, and two sons – who will grow up supporting women, which is so beautifully modelled by their own dad. My husband and I, together, work to give our children a blueprint for what gender equality looks like for us both personally and professionally.”

“My own struggles have led me here. I strive to represent and cultivate everything I didn’t experience in my own journey, that I so needed: a mindset of abundance, support, honesty, transparency, and a sense of community over competition.”

“When I created Wild Hive it was not only to bring play, a sense of adventure and connection back into the lives of every person who joined the movement, but because I needed it myself. I began guiding women’s philanthropic dance retreats that were absolutely magical. Aspiring to cultivate experiences that bring women closer together. We co-create safe space. We make a difference in the world, while also filling up our own cups. Feeling seen, heard and celebrated, without judgment, is life-changing.”




“Uniting a global community is at the core of my second business, Wild Bum. It’s a brand and cultural movement that is supportive of all pursuits, creates opportunity and encourages all people to live a more meaningful life. My mission is to create a ripple effect across the globe – be it through community, play, adventure, and empowerment.”

“In this crazy year, we have learned that we cannot take anything for granted. Life is short, it’s precious and we must go after our dreams. The more women feel encouraged and supported, the more they will do so for other women, and we are in this together.”

“My advice to other women who are starting out: take baby steps. Do one thing each day/week/month, albeit small, towards the life you want. Set up an LLC, schedule a meeting, send an email – put it out into the universe. Surround yourself with people who will support you and want to grow and challenge themselves as well. It sparks so much inspiration. Have a sense of playfulness about it all. And, simply create. Allow it to evolve organically.”

“You don’t always have to know what will happen, and that’s kind of exciting! And, I think most importantly, in 2020 – I began working with an amazing coach/therapist who is facilitating my own self-compassion journey. I cannot sustain my companies, my mission nor be a great model for my family if I am not loving myself, first and foremost. So, as challenging as it is – do the work. Cheers to IWD 2021 and all of the incredible women out there who are truly emulating #ChoosetoChallenge!”