Sara Simmonds – Founder and CEO of Sara Simmonds Holdings LTD


“I am Sara Simmonds, a conscious innovator and impact entrepreneur. I believe we are all hero products, and that each of us have a unique power inside of ourselves that is our purpose. I mentor conscious leaders with businesses anywhere from startup to $1 Billion dollars to do this. I use this process to empower conscious leaders across the globe– both men and women through “Your Real Power is You Mentorship Program.”

“IWD is a day where women and men can reflect on all we have been as a global society and all we want to be going forward. For the female side, rather than staying in the past where dominant energy was male power which is direct, embrace female power along with male power, which is feelings and intuitively based. This way, as a humanity, we can become whole and move into a new era of collaboration, achieving supercharged growth for all.”

“The best way for men and women to achieve equality is to allow each other to be the fullest versions of themselves. For men to allow their feelings out, and for women to allow their powerful sides out. Allow repressed sides out without words or labels. Asking each other for help to be whole together, we can rise and support each other to equality together.”

“What I am so excited about is seeing women increasingly collaborate as opposed to compete. Women are gaining self confidence. More women are supporting and encouraging each other to rise because collectively, we can now feel safe to grow with confidence.”




“The biggest struggle I have had in a male dominated world of business – I felt overwhelmed by numbers, which led me to give away my power because I thought men knew better.”

“As women, we can’t blame men for this. We have to take ownership of it, because when we blame, we are a victim. Growing up, I was told I’m no good with numbers. It wasn’t being explained to me in a way that made sense. I would seek out male mentors help, but I would go as a victim, a woman who needed their help. I taught myself numbers so I understood them, stopping feeling shame around them.”

“Finding mentors is something men do naturally and women struggle with. I sought out mentors from a place of NEED rather than I would LOVE to LEARN FROM YOU AS MY CHAMPION. Men recruit men as their mentors and champions. It speeds up your growth and avoids mistakes, and wasting money and years. With the right mentor, you can 10X your growth, literally what I teach took me 10 years to learn and I teach it in 6 months.”