Sharon Griffin – Founder of New Moon Blooms



New Moon Blooms is a brand new floral concept allowing you to have floral wonder delivered straight to your door. New Moon Blooms is a passion project which has been budding for 3 years, but it wasn’t until the world had to pause during the pandemic that it gave me the opportunity to unveil the joy to everyone.

Founded in 2020 by leading Event Designer Sharon Griffin of renowned Frog Prince Weddings & Events, New Moon Blooms is the first fully sustainable flower service to launch in Ireland.

Having spent a childhood embracing the soil while nurturing flowers and plants in her parent’s garden in County Dublin, Sharon Griffin from Frog Prince Wedding & Events has emerged as Ireland’s leading floral storyteller.




Griffin states “International Women’s Day is about recognising the great network of women we have and coming together to ensure that women support each other across all elements of life and business.”

“I see it as a day to celebrate and for women to take stock and recognise all the good they do – across all facets of life, not just in the workplace.”

“We still don’t have full equality across male and females in terms of numbers sitting on boards of businesses across the board and there is great work that the likes of the 30% Club to drive 30% of women sitting on boards and in executive leadership positions. I don’t see this as a day about division but a day of celebration about how far women have come and how they are driving businesses forward.”

“Our message this year is to ‘Be kind’. I think women need to be kinder to each other and support each other, now more than ever as the juggle is real from working from home, running households, homeschooling and the mental load we carry within our extended families. We all need to recognise the multi-tasking that is taking place across the board.”

“I think mentoring is really important. They don’t have to be formal but having someone that you know you can call with questions around your career and development is really important. You need to know your vision as to what you are working towards. I am part of the Going for Growth Panel which is a great opportunity to develop a network of fantastic women and to build out contacts.”

“I have always worked in an area that I am really passionate about whether that be events, styling, producing and all that led to my new business of New Moon Blooms. I am passionate about flowers, sustainability and ultimately spreading joy with people. When working with a passion that really helps to drive you forward.”

“All sectors are challenging at the moment and communication is key and a real strength for women.”