A Chat with Dr Monica Marinescu, Co-Founder at EV Battery Pack Technology Company: IONETIC

Dr Monica Marinescu

IONETIC is a UK-based start-up specialising in EV battery pack technology. We produce highly optimised and cost-effective battery pack solutions thanks to our bespoke, state-of-the-art design platform and in-house production strategy.

Our mission is to help accelerate the mobility industry’s journey to net-zero emissions by supporting niche vehicle-makers and automotive OEMs to overcome the challenges of transitioning to electrification.


What do you think makes IONETIC unique?

Producing an effective and safe battery pack solution is becoming increasingly expensive and time-consuming for many companies in the automotive space. Fully customised designs are often unaffordable and existing ‘off-the-shelf’ battery pack solutions suffer from low energy density and inefficient system design, particularly for niche automotive manufacturers who make lower volumes of vehicles and have unique requirements.

IONETIC is unique in that it solves this problem by striking a balance between cost and customisation to help accelerate battery pack development like never before.

Our bespoke platform is unique because it also drastically decreases the time needed to design a battery pack; it can create an optimised design according to fully adjustable parameters in minutes, shortening the whole process significantly.

We will also open our first UK-based battery manufacturing facility next year, which will enable us to mass-produce our own battery pack designs. Once established, this will make us the only UK-based battery pack developer to offer an end-to-end, in-house battery solution, from conceptualisation and prototyping through to homologation and production.

How has IONETIC evolved since its creation?

IONETIC began with a team of engineers from Imperial College London. We initially set up the business as a consultancy, but it quickly became clear that we needed to widen our scope to address significant problems that we identified in the industry.

We held discussions with multiple smaller vehicle-makers in the UK, and we understood the significant support they needed throughout the battery pack value chain.

At every stage, from generating an initial design to producing the vehicle-ready battery pack, multiple stakeholders and very high levels of investment are required – making the process time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. We recognised that the existing solutions available on the market were also substandard for their needs, too expensive, or took too long to develop.

That’s when we decided to pivot the business to offer an end-to-end solution – so we could help niche manufacturers create a battery pack that was bespoke but didn’t require as much time and investment.

What can we hope to see from IONETIC in the future?

Our target is to have produced over 10GWh of battery packs by 2027 – which we estimate would save over 100,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. We also aim to produce over 5GWh of battery packs in 2027 alone.

Looking beyond, you can expect IONETIC to develop further impactful technology, in our mission to help reduce the cost of electrification, get more vehicles electrified, as well as improve user experience through better energy density and higher performance.


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