Interview with Harry Slagel, Lewis Slagel and Nick Leigh, Founders of Plateaway

Plateaway founders

We spoke to Harry Slagel, Lewis Slagel and Nick Leigh about their new venture, Plateaway. During lockdown, restaurants created their DIY restaurant meal kits, and Plateaway has enabled people to find and order all these kits from their platform. Harry Slagel and Nick Leigh explained how they are helping people to be adventurous in the kitchen, without having soggy and cold takeaway meals, an exciting new adventure that everyone needs to know more about…


How Did You Come Up With The Idea Of Plateaway?

During lockdown, all the restaurants began to create their DIY restaurant meal kits, featuring all the ingredients to create their signature restaurant dishes. So not only could we satisfy our cravings, we also could have fun in the kitchen, and support the hospitality industry, said to be one of the worst affected as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Plateaway was born when one of the founders decided that there needed to be a centralised platform where all these kits were available.


Kodawari Plateaway
Yuzu Shio Ramen With Sous Vide Chashu Pork For 2 – Kodawari’s signature Japanese ramen


Patty and Bun Plateaway


Poke Plateaway
All the ingredients to make two poke bowls – Lords of Poké


How Does Plateaway Work?

Customers are able to choose from a wide variety of kits from the restaurants they know and love. They select their desired delivery date and then will receive their kit with all the ingredients they need to recreate their favourite meal at home.


Patty and Bun Plateaway
All the ingredients to make 2 x ‘Ari Gold’ Cheeseburger’s and 2 x ‘Smokey Robinson’s’ – Patty&Bun Burger Kit


Veg Box Patty & Bun Plateaway
All the ingredients to make 2 x plant based ‘Ari Gold’ Cheeseburger’s and 2 x plant based ‘Smokey Robinson’ – Patty&Bun Vegan Burger Kit


How Are You Different? 

Meal kits give you the best of both worlds, offering a chance to eat a restaurant quality meal, where most of the preparation is done by the professionals and only needs basic cooking and assembly at home, making them ideal for those who have busy lives, but want to eat good quality food without the hassle of grocery shopping and meal planning. They are a great idea for a different spin on a night in, whether it be a date night, friends night in, family night or dinner party! They also make a great gift for a loved one or colleague. Plateaway allows you to order kits from multiple restaurants in one checkout, and also provides 1 minute long video guides on each kit, showing you how to make and plate these delicious dishes.


Recreate TÓU signature Iberian Katsu Sando at home – said to be one of the most famous sandwiches in London


Double Bubala X Shuk Babka Kit


What Have You Learnt?

  • It’s often difficult for people to be “adventurous” in the kitchen, with so many different ingredients involved, and the lack of motivation to cook up a storm every night. Meal kits are easy for these people as all the ingredients are readily available to cook, with no measuring involved, with a simple recipe to follow.
  • Deliveries and takeaways can often be soggy, cold, and not up to the restaurant quality standard. Meal kits provide fresh ingredients, and allows customers to prepare a home delivery meal to their own standard.
  • Since the outbreak of Covid-19, people would rather eat at home, and enjoy their evening than travel out to London to enjoy a restaurant meal, and have to wear a mask, be cautious of social distancing measures, and have to leave by 10pm.
  • There is a huge demand for foodies outside of London, who rarely visit London, to have these kits, as it gives them the chance to enjoy these high-quality meals, without the need to travel.


What Are Your Plans For Growth? 

So far, Plateaway has 15 restaurant partners and are continuing to grow week-by-week. They have also just introduced award-winning pre-batch and bottled cocktails, by World of Zing, inspired by everyone’s favourite flavour combinations, to pair perfectly with the DIY meal kits available. With a variety of cuisines to choose from including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options for specialty diets, there’s something for everyone.


Zing Plateaway

Zing Plateaway