Investor Insights: Everything You Need To Know About Passion Capital

  • Founded in 2011, Passion Capital is a venture capital firm in London, UK, deeply involved in shaping Europe’s technology and digital media landscape.
  • Early-Stage Investment Champions, they have a track record of backing unicorns like GoCardless and Monzo from the pre-seed stage.
  • With a commitment to fostering technology, the company provides mentoring, advice and other hands-on approaches to their startups’ growth.



Who are Passion Capital?

Passion Capital is a London based VC firm dedicated to helping founders and early-stage teams create successful digital media and technology companies.

The trio at its core—Stefan Glaenzer, Eileen Burbidge, and Robert Dighero—are well known for their involvement in some of Europe’s biggest technology exits over the past decade.

Beyond their financial investments, Passion Capital likes to be involved in the operations of their portfolio companies. They provide mentorship, strategic advice and a hands-on approach that is often very important during a company’s early stages.


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What markets does Passion Capital invest in?


Passion Capital invests in European based startups in sectors such as information technology, TMT, the internet of things, mobile, infrastructure, and SaaS.


Who are some of Passion Capital’s most well-known investments?


Passion Capital has solidified its reputation in the VC arena by not just funding, but also working with startups that have grown into big players in the tech industry.

Their eye for potential has led them to invest in a range of companies, many of which have achieved unicorn status.

The firm’s most well known investments include GoCardless, a B2B fintech company that makes payment collection more efficient, Monzo, a personal banking app, and Lendable, a platform offering fast and convenient personal loans.

Many of these big companies were supported by Passion Capital from the pre-seed stage, showcasing their knack for spotting potential early on.


Where can you find Passion Capital?


Find Passion Capital and find out how to pitch to them at their website: