A Chat with Ivan Liljeqvist, CEO at Web3 API Provider: Moralis

Ivan Liljeqvist

Moralis is a leading Web3 API provider that helps businesses bridge the development gap between Web2 and Web3. We empower enterprises to build on blockchain, supporting them as they scale and connect dapps cross-chain by reducing development time, cost and complexity.
Moralis Web3 | Enterprise-Grade Web3 APIs

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I met my co-founder, Filip Martinsson, in 2014 while studying at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. As software engineers, with a shared entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for programming, we both had a keen interest in emerging technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In 2017, having identified the many issues facing new web3 developers, we set up our first business: the Ivan on Tech Academy (now known as the Moralis Academy).

Through the academy, Filip and I wanted to address what we considered to be a knowledge gap regarding blockchain technology and we designed training courses to educate and empower developers to be able to build on blockchain. However, while training students and working with budding Web3 projects, we came to the conclusion that the development tools available in web3 were underdeveloped and complex.

We realised that, in order to help train our students and grow Web3 projects, we needed to create a tool that would feel familiar to web2 developers. A tool that would allow them to create decentralised applications (dApps) without any specific programming knowledge of web3.

In 2021, we launched Moralis, a cross-chain, multi-platform Web3 API provider that allows creators to build, scale and integrate blockchain projects.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

It’s been an amazing first year. We have built a strong and engaged community of developers, worked with and alongside some of the biggest names in tech (we recently partnered on a hackathon with Google) and we have seen massive interest from enterprises and developers in using Moralis to build their web3 projects. Amongst that, we also raised a $40 million round for our Series A.

What can we hope to see from Moralis in the future?

You can expect us to onboard many new developers into the world of web3, while also helping enterprises integrate blockchain into everything.

Our goal is to bridge the development gap between web2 and web3, providing the infrastructure developers and businesses need to migrate to the metaverse and maximise the opportunities made available through the next iteration of the internet.