Comment from Keren Levy, COO of Global Payments and eCommerce Enabler

“I have always been inspired by independent women. As  leaders, it is our duty to foster an environment which creates equal opportunities for all people to flourish, and as a female leader I intend to focus on that ever more. 

“Today, the fintech industry is made up of mostly male employees with less than 25% of all senior roles held by women.  I was always mindful of this and saw it as Payoneer’s mission to change this statistic when it comes to women in Fintech. However, it is important to remind ourselves that it is not about shifting power to favour one side over another, but instead creating a level playing field by identifying, acknowledging and rejecting your preconceived notions and biases. Diverse management hires, diverse teams, and Payoneer’s key values, focus on Inclusion and Diversity externally as well as internally. I believe there is no better place for this to start than with the education of our children.

“Personally, I feel it is important to keep my children involved and informed about my work. I hope that this will then enable them to make informed future career choices beyond the stereotypical roles that they are exposed to from a young age.

“I regularly teach my children about a passion of mine, to empower the lives of small business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world and this is what ultimately drew me to Payoneer. When we are given the access to tools and the opportunity to succeed, the world benefits from the diversity of great ideas and innovations that follow. Payoneer allows just that by enabling buyers and sellers alike to make transactions globally, as easily as they do locally. 

“I am especially proud to work for Payoneer where 52% of the senior level management are women and 51% of our total workforce are also women. For us “inclusion” is one of our values, not a slogan or buzzword. Companies should try to utilise their diverse networks to hire without bias. Through the celebration of diversity, successful women are breaking the mold in this male dominated industry and I can’t help but be excited by that.”