Meet Ash Warne, CEO at Driving Simulator Tech Company: Dynisma

Dynisma is a UK-based driving motion simulator technology company.

Dynisma Motion Generators (DMG) are the most dynamic, responsive and scalable driving simulators in the world.

We are a team of world class engineers who tackle motion simulation in an entirely new way; we look at things differently and have invented new solutions for automotive and motorsport. DMG™ delivers maximum bandwidth with minimum latency by co-designing software and mechanical engineering, and by removing every possible obstacle between the driver and the data.

DMG is at least 50% better than any rival, and equally affordable. It’s the future of accelerated, efficient, vehicle development.
Dynisma Reveals The World's Most Advanced Driving Simulator For Automotive  Vehicle And Motorsport Development

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I have previously led the simulator development efforts in-house for both Ferrari and McLaren.

Working in high pressure, excellence-led teams with significant resources, instilled a belief that things could be done differently; that access to the most advanced high-fidelity, responsive motion generators that drivers and engineers could want, could be made available to all.

We have created the world’s most immersive simulators offering the perfect solution for a range of audiences, whether that’s motorsports teams, who want to optimise driver and car performance, or automotive manufacturers and suppliers for advanced vehicle development and testing.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The company has grown significantly during the pandemic, and we have embraced remote and hybrid working practices to continue our operations throughout while also allowing us to access the best talent regardless of location.

Our team is highly skilled – we are proud to have individuals with very specific experience and knowledge. We try to allow people to work with the freedoms that enable them to be their best; to have space to think around complex engineering challenges, and to enjoy their families and life.

Our business plan has progressed regardless of the pandemic. We are ahead of forecast and growing rapidly.

It’s a very exciting time. Engineering doesn’t stand still, particularly not in the motorsport or automotive sectors.

What can we hope to see from Dynisma in the future?

We have been overwhelmed with interest since going to market in July 2021.

Interested parties all over the world are looking at the future of development and how to address the production, simulation, and development process differently.

Looking further down the pipeline, we will continue to widen access to our ground-breaking technology, offering industry leading responsiveness in new sectors and markets.