Meet David Gurle, Serial Entrepreneur & Founder At Cloud Storage Company: Hive

Hive was founded by David Gurle – the renowned French serial entrepreneur and engineer, and a pioneer of IP communications and distributed computing. Hive was born to bring into existence the next generation cloud, which provides both computing and data storage services via Hivenet, Hive’s peer-to-peer network, rather than from a centralized set of data centers.

Hive enables users to contribute their computer’s resources to the network, in exchange for similar capacity from the network and/or monetary compensation. This creates a virtual distributed cloud by pooling all available computational and storage resources, allocating them based upon demand and rewarding users providing the resources.

Hive will give users – consumers and corporations – total control over their data in a secure, private environment. Hive will make storing and sharing data more accessible and affordable for everyone, and significantly reduce computing & storage’s energy usage and carbon footprint by providing computing & storage resources closer to the users.

Hive raised €7 million seed funding in June 2022.

We spoke to David to hear more about Hive and what they have in store…
Hive - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The idea behind Hive took several years to mature, the magnitude of the ambition even more.

In the past 30 years, I had the privilege to be at the front row seats to witness and drive disruptive technologies. I was particularly mesmerized by the popularity and development of end users devices in contrast to the development of cloud computing.

Each generation of our computers and smartphones got more powerful than ever with a never-ending sight in their capacity and performance capabilities. Yet, such an abundance of incredible capacity goes unused, and things are only getting worse.

All the while centralized clouds have taken over the intelligence and knowledge away from these devices, relegating them to execute the same menial tasks that they used to perform 20 years ago.

This “asymmetry” of unused computing power concentrates power in the hands of a handful of companies creating waste of resources and energy, unbalance of sovereignty and economic lockdowns.

This can’t continue as it is. Internet was built with the spirit of equal peers interacting with each other, where the intelligence is distributed and shared, not as a network to recreate the mainframes where the power is centralized and controlled.

It is time that we work together to bring back that spirit of the origins of the Internet on the forefront of our digital society and make the Internet ours, not theirs.

That is why I founded Hive, a global peer-to-peer network that allows all nodes to intelligently co-operate with maximum efficiency and sustainably. Hive eliminates the distinction between data centers and devices. It is the platform that allows you to build the applications that will run your physical world and metaverse securely.


What do you think makes this company unique?

We’re on a mission to make data storage and computing distributed, secure, accessible, and affordable for everyone — all while reducing its impact on the planet.

While we have a founding group of hive-minded dreamers and doers to kick-start the project, we believe Hive belongs to everyone and we are thrilled to have seen some enthusiastic independent early adopters and contributors for the project since the first week of our launch on June 1.

We are passionate about this mission, and we will be honest and humble about our development of the project.

What can we hope to see from Hive in the future?

Imagine this. The year is 2035. Hive is the fabric that stitches our world together. It unifies all of our devices. It runs on your phone, inside your self-driving car, on a passing drone, on a moon rover, and a satellite orbiting Mars. It allows humanity to solve complex problems thanks to storage capacities that were previously unavailable.