Meet Jana Kejvalova, Founder at Insurance Company For Self-Employed Workers: Suited Insure

Suited Insure was founded because of the belief that it could offer a better insurance experience to freelancers and contractors than was available on the market at that time.

Despite the work of the Financial Conduct Authority, many freelancers and contractors were at the mercy of unreasonable policy fees, unjustified charges, and bad customer service.

We decided to eliminate many of those things from our insurance model and give freelancers and contractors a positive experience. To provide this, we took the traditional insurance profile and changed it to suit those that were self-employed.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

My first career was as a professional harness jockey in the Czech Republic so I’ve always had a strong drive for success. After I retired from the sport, I started a career in insurance, but it’s been a long life ambition to run a business and work for myself. I get triggered by negative motivation and hearing over and over in the City that women have no place in business, which drives me to make Suited.Insure a success.

Our research shows that the average freelancer is without work for over two months (65 days), and the 1m self-employed people in the UK are wasting £216.2m paying for business insurance when they don’t need it, and these figures were even higher during the pandemic, and with a pending recession, many self-employed workers could be in an even worse situation. Freelancers are often wasting this money because they are tied into annual contracts.

Still, we know that the work they have doesn’t necessarily follow suit to justify tying themselves into 12 months of protection. So we wanted to offer a solution that reflects the nature of freelancing and one of the main features we offer is a holiday mode, allowing policyholders to pause their insurance policy when they don’t need it. Our research shows that over half of freelancers (57%) would welcome this option.

We also include free access to services to help protect your business such as legal advice, tax advice, crisis PR, contracting advice and counseling as part of our insurance package. Our research shows that the average freelancer pays £394 for these services, so our tools offer significant savings to small business owners.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We are a super young business, only launching this year, but this means that we are flexible and we can listen to our customers and adapt accordingly, for example, we’re working on developing partners’ offers range so that after someone signs up with us, they’ll get exclusive deals from hand-selected partners, so we can increase the value of our offering beyond just insurance.

What can we hope to see from Suited.Insure in the future?

As we are such a young agency, it feels like the world is our oyster and we have so many ambitions for the future. We want to become the voice and brand of choice for freelancers and the self-employed. To do this we need to evolve our offering by including more insurance and non-insurance services, products, and support that this community needs and values.