Meet Mark Hamilford & Damon Segal, Co-Founders at Personal Organisation Platform: LifeTidy

LifeTidy is a secure, encrypted online platform that enables users to quickly and easily collate important life information. This information can range from assets, passwords, financial information to key data such as policies, ID documents, medical records, contracts with suppliers, property deeds, Wills and much more – storing them in one safe place.

LifeTidy is accessible anywhere, anytime, via mobile or desktop. The platform features an integrated wealth dashboard that provides a holistic overview of a user’s current wealth position to help them better understand and manage their day-to-day affairs. In addition, LifeTidy will prompt users when key decisions need to be made, such as insurance policy renewals, expiring identity documents and contract with key suppliers.

LifeTidy is also encrypted with the highest bank-grade levels of security to ensure that all personal data is protected. Users can supply a secure key to executors and trusted advisors, so if the worst were to happen, they will have full access to the information needed to navigate probate. With LifeTidy, people have complete oversight over their affairs for clarity today and peace of mind for tomorrow.”

Damon Segal, Co-Founder at LifeTidy

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Damon Segal: “A few years ago, my brother passed away unexpectedly, and I was left with the immense challenge of organising his affairs and going through probate. Due to the nature of his passing, nothing had been organised. The process of locating his assets and piecing together information from various sources was incredibly complex, time-consuming and stressful.

“This experience really highlighted the need for a product like LifeTidy. I wanted to be able to offer a platform that would enable people to get their lives organised today, by providing full oversight of assets and other important information, as well as helping families access the documentation needed in the event something unexpectedly happens.

Our research also found with the rise of the ‘smart generation’ the need to get organized, especially in financial matters really resonated with this audience.”

Mark Hamilford
Mark Hamilford, Co-Founder at LifeTidy

How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Damon Segal: “The pandemic has put a huge focus on mortality and the need to prepare should the worst happen. People recognise the benefits of getting organised more than ever before, but the pace at which our busy lives are moving makes this a challenge.

“Our research shows that despite Covid-19 being a key trigger for many regarding future planning, a significant number still aren’t doing enough to protect loved ones if they pass away. More than a third of those surveyed (37%) said they don’t have a will in place, rising to half (49%) of those aged 45-54. These findings highlight the need for a solution like LifeTidy which helps make life organisation as quick, simple and stress-free as possible.”


What can we hope to see from LifeTidy in the future?

Mark Hamilford: “The product has only just launched, but we are optimising the platform daily and already have a number of exciting upgrades and features planned for early next year, including the ability to refer partner products to our Users, and the ability for Partners to white label LifeTidy. We don’t want to give too much away just yet, but we will be adding more AI driven functionality throughout 2022.

“We are also continuing to seek valuable, long-term partnerships with experts in sectors such as wealth, healthcare and insurance so that we can continue to deliver the best possible service and a product that will enable users to quickly and easily get organised. Watch this space!”