Meet Quincy Dash: The PR Guru Connecting Brands to Hollywoods A-List

Qunicy Dash

Have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrity or influencer got that product in their hands? whether it be a perfume, a drink or a certain brand of make-up. Then it’s most likely the work of PR Guru Quincy Dash, the man behind the scenes, connecting the dots.

His PR agency, The Quincy Dash Co. specialises in PR, Events and Celebrity endorsements for an array of British and EU brands and entrepreneurial clients.

As the UK and the rest of the world have been under lockdown for 3 quarters of the year, consumers have been glued to their social media, more now than ever before.

Unbeknownst to you, brands have been competing to win your attention throughout lockdown to remain one step ahead of their competition, and capture market share.

A way they have been doing this is by attaching social influencers or celebrities with their products.

Quincy Dash, Founder of The Quincy Dash Co said throughout lockdown we’ve been inundated with enquires for the world’s leading talent.”

The A-listers are no longer the go-to, these days its all about the internet sensations/personalities, why do you think all of a sudden the biggest Hollywood A-listers are joining social media now? I can tell you this for free, it’s not for fun”

Dash is referring to the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Sir David Attenborough, Rupert Grint all of whom have joined social media in 2020.

When asking what Quincy looks for in a celebrity he responds brands reach out to us, to find and secure the best talent in the world. These celebrities cannot only be famous, they have to have a social media presence with an engaged audience and a loyal fan base.”

Some of the enquires his agency have received include a French Private Jet company wanting Quincy to secure a deal with Lindsey Lohan, a UK fashion brand wanting to do asocial campaign with ex-Kardashian BFF Jordan Woods, a London restaurant needing talent to raise awareness for their new store, of which Towie’s James Argent is being considered for.

Mr Dash added we’re currently working with Sonia Beytoushi, 2019’s Iranian pageant queen Miss Iran andMiss Universe Iran, we are in talks with a few global beauty brands for a potential collaboration.”

In 2021, The Quincy Dash Co is planning to do a lot of activations nationwide and across the EU, from meet and greets with the biggest US stars and top class influencers from around the world.