Meet Tiffany Salmon, Founder at Vegan Skincare Brand: Glow Hub

Targeted solutions, simple routines, cute packaging, Glow Hub is skincare for the next generation! With cruelty-free and vegan formulas, we blend natural actives with gentle science, to offer targeted skincare that works hard without being harsh, whatever your skin type.

Glow Hub speaks to gen z, blending customisable skincare solutions with natural actives and gentle science. Tapping into the trend for personalisation – especially with gen z, one size never fits all – so Glow Hub offers an affordable entry into personalised targeted skincare, paired with cute packaging and relatable, educational messaging.
Glow Hub | Skincare & Beauty | Boots

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I was researching for an entirely different brand when I realised that no one was serving gen z skincare that looked cool, was super effective and easy to understand. So the idea for Glow Hub was born and we worked hard to launch it as quickly as possible!

I think a universal experience for a lot of us as teens was being taken to Boots by our Mums to get a three-step skincare routine, and the products were so astringent, they made your skin burn, they were expensive for what they were.

We worked really hard to make sure Glow Hub was affordable and effective for teen skin (whilst also being gentle), whatever their skin type was. I also wanted to make sure it was easy to understand, skincare can be so confusing, which is where our colour coding, skincare quiz and easy-to-navigate packaging came into play.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We actually launched Glow Hub right in the midst of the first lockdown. It was all working from home, virtual photoshoots, non-stop video calls. Launching a brand during a pandemic was stressful for sure, but the stars aligned and we launched Glow Hub straight onto ASOS, and it’s now stocked in over 20 countries and in 1000+ doors.

The pandemic definitely affected everyone differently depending on the industry but I actually think it evened out the playing field in the beauty industry. Launches were no longer about who can host the craziest event or send the most outrageous creative mailers, it was all about being creative to bring those launches to life and give people products they actually want.

What can we hope to see from Glow Hub in the future?

As Glow Hub goes into its second year of trading, and after what I’d like to say was a very successful first year, it’s time to nurture and grow the brand. We’ve been on the market long enough now to have gained some amazing insight into our customers and what else they want from us, so I’ve been working hard behind the scenes on developing new products.

Some based on our best-sellers, some completely new… It might be cliché to say, but the best is yet to come!