Meet Simon Herod, International Lead at E1

Tell us about E1

E1 is where the commercial construction industry connects at tender time. In a nutshell, we connect main contractors to subbies during the pre and post-award phases of a construction project. We help main contractors obtain prices from subbies, and help subbies find new main contractors and projects for them to price. Since our inception 15 years ago, we’ve become the market leader in Australia and New Zealand, and are rapidly expanding into the UK and Ireland.




What makes E1 unique?

E1’s core focus is on the network, helping main contractors and subbies collaborate to achieve a better outcome for all parties at tender time.

Main contractors can have peace of mind by knowing they can access E1’s network of subbies to ensure quote coverage.

Subbies can grow their business, connect with new main contractors and ultimately win themselves more work.

All of this is in a streamlined platform which makes manual processes of the past (such as creating trade packages and looking for new opportunities) quicker than ever.


How has the company evolved in the last couple of years?

The biggest thing E1 is doing right now is expanding internationally. After seeing the difference we made to the Australian and New Zealand construction industry we’re excited to see we’re already having an impact in the UK and Ireland.

Furthermore, we’re making changes to strengthen our network. More data on both sides of the fence will let main contractors and subbies make smarter, faster and better decisions about the work they get themselves involved with.

What can we hope to see from E1 in the future?

Our top priority is to make the construction industry in the UK and Ireland a better place by connecting more people to our network.

We’re always listening to see where we can help, and strive to make the lives of those we support a little bit easier.

After that, we have bold ambitions to be the global leader in construction procurement – essentially leading to a better-built environment.