TechRound interview with Lucy Anderson: Founder of WooWoo

We caught up with Lucy Anderson, founder of WooWoo, who placed 32nd in the TechRound100 this year, to find out how she started the business and what’s next for the brand.


What is WooWoo and how did you come up with the idea for the brand?

WooWoo is a female self-care, and sexual wellness and pleasure brand run by myself and a small but very passionate team of women on a mission to put to bed taboos and old-fashioned views towards female intimate care and sexual pleasure.

Our aim is simple: To provide 21st century women with fun and fearless intimate products that really work, as well as a judgement free space to have conversations that encourage the notion that women are not a supporting role when it comes to sex, and deserve to put their pleasure first.

Originally born as an antidote to the typical apologetic ‘fem care’ offering and male ‘centric’ sexual health and pleasure products that women were ashamed to buy, in two short years WooWoo has become a cult sexual wellness and self-care brand stocked and sold nationwide in Superdrug, FeelUnique, Ocado, Amazon and independent pharmacies. 

Our range is all natural and contains products to help women feel fresh before sex, stimulated during sex and soothed and satisfied post sex. They are designed to help women value their vulvas, and in turn approach sex with high standards for health, pleasure and hygiene. 


Why a feminine wellness and pleasure brand, and why now?

The honest answer is I was tired of being told by men in grey suits in the big brand houses what products I wanted and needed as a woman.

There is still so much stigma around care for down there and female pleasure and sexual wellness.  We live in a society where media and advertising over sexualises our bodies, which I believe is not only potentially damaging our health but holding us back from really enjoying the sex we deserve.  

For too long the important and honest conversations that needed to happen just weren’t.  The feminist movement in the 60’s that saw a brief shift in attitudes towards sex was short lived – as a nation Britain seemed stuck in a ‘lie back and think of England’ 1950’s mind set. Periods, sexual health and pleasure and menopause were all no-go topics. Out of pure personal frustration I felt I needed to do something about it.

Since our launch two years ago we are pleased to say the tide is turning with many more femtech brands entering the market.  More big retailers are stocking female orientated products, and there’s also more frank and honest content entering mainstream media and social media which is normalising topics that for so long were off the table.  There’s still a long way to go, but we’re heading in the right direction.


Why do you think your brand resonates so well with modern women?

WooWoo comes from a real, honest and genuine place and I think our customers see that and believe it.   We’re a fem tech company, run by an all-female team personally invested in starting the necessary conversations that need to happen to normalise female sexuality and self-care.  A mix of singles, mothers, glam girls and meme queens means WooWoo covers all bases.  We live and breathe the same lives as our customers, so we get the tone and content right. 

We believe talking about sex educationally doesn’t have to be serious.  No topic is off the table from period sex, to how to have better orgasms to navigating consent and what to say when he says no to wearing a condom.  I think that is not only refreshing but really resonates with women of all ages who are fed up of feeling they’re a social pariah just because they want to open up about female topics that have traditionally been regarded as conversation killers.


What next for WooWoo?

We’ve got lots of exciting new retail partnerships in the pipeline for later this year – the news has to stay under wraps for now but watch this space!  

On an international scale, we’ve broken into several European markets including Spain, France, Italy and Germany and we’re really excited be launching this autumn in Australia.  We’ve also set our sights on North and South America in the next 24 months, and have big plans for new product launches and campaigns championing the causes close to our heart.