Interview with Tom Leigh, Founder of Digital Marketing Company Social8

We caught up with Tom Leigh, founder of digital marketing start-up Social8, to talk about why networking is key and how the future of marketing is all digital…

Tell us about Social8

Social8 is a social media and digital marketing company that opened in July ’18. Originally an influencer marketing company, we have more recently expanded our offerings to Paid Social, SEO and Amazon Advertising.

How did you come up with the idea for Social8?

I’d been fortunate to travel the world and build my network to include a number of influencers, celebrities and brands. Having modelled for over 8 years and been an influencer myself, I realised that marketers were more interested in the quantity of followers than the quality. In most cases, this meant brands were pouring money down the drain and funding campaigns that resulted in 0 sales or ROI.

I decided to open Social8 initially with the sole aim of partnering brands with real influencers, whose reviews and promotions resonated with their fans and followers. From there, we grew with our clients and started offering a wider range of services.

What advice would you give to other young people looking to start their own business

If you think you’ve got a great idea, execute it. Take the leap of faith and believe in yourself. Get yourself networking with a group of like-minded individuals and build your contacts as much as you can.

Always think about how you can push your business forwards. Don’t let the work dictate you – dictate the work.

What do you think the future of marketing looks like?

I think 2020 has taught many businesses that being visible online is imperative. As technology strengthens, we as humans want instant results. We want to see adverts and products that appeal to us as individuals, and that’s what targeted social media advertising can give you.

In years to come, brands will realise that paying thousands of pounds for a billboard in the hope of appealing to a certain demographic is no longer the best way. As algorithms get smarter, brands will be able to perfectly target the consumers most likely to purchase their products – meaning they can spend smart and deliver maximum results.

What can we hope to see from Social8 in the future?

We hope to continue working alongside really cool and exciting businesses and expanding our network. We’re constantly innovating and are growing the team and offerings too.

In the future, we’d love to work with more sustainable brands and even release a few of our own products – watch this space!


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