22. Lovecrafts – Cherry Freeman, Edward Griffith, Nigel Whiteoak

lovecrafts founders

Company: Lovecrafts

Founder: Cherry Freeman, Edward Griffith, Nigel Whiteoak

Website: https://www.lovecrafts.com/

Business: Lovecrafts is an online marketplace for crafters and makers to sell their handmade items.


About Lovecrafts and Cherry Freeman, Edward Griffith, Nigel Whiteoak

Since launching in 2012, Lovecrafts has grown incredibly quickly. Their membership in the prestigious Future Fifty and 20th place on the FT’s list of fastest-growing European companies is thanks to the hard work of their team of makers based in London, Kyiv and in the USA.

Lovecrafts offers its users free or low-cost patterns, as well as the equipment needed to make them. This equipment can be bought on Lovecrafts’ marketplace at competitive prices. All revenue collected on Lovecrafts’ patterns goes straight to the creator of that pattern.




Lovecrafts have been fuelled by investment from Europe’s leading venture capital firms; Balderton Capital (LoveFilm, The Hut) funded their Series A round, followed by Highland Europe (Photobox, WeTransfer) and most recently Scottish Equity Partners (SkyScanner, Matches Fashion).

Their unique platform, which crosses eCommerce with social media, has millions of users all over the world. The website allows creatives to find inspiration, learn new skills and technique, and connect with people with similar hobbies all around the world. The option to purchase craft supplies makes Lovecrafts a complete package for those who enjoy hobby crafts.