23. Hometree – Simon Phelan

Company: Hometree

Founder: Simon Phelan

Website: https://www.hometree.co.uk/

Business: Industry-leading emergency homecover plans for your boiler, heating & home


About Hometree and Simon Phelan

Hometree started small 5 years ago, but is well on its way to becoming the UK’s leading challenger brand in boiler and home emergency insurance. They believe that home cover sold by the traditional providers is broken and isn’t fit for purpose in today’s day and age. That’s why they are re-thinking the industry from the ground up – with the customer at the heart of everything they do. The idea for Hometree came to founder Simon five years ago when through his work he was exposed to the problems at all the big home cover providers.


These included unjustified price increases, poor service levels which weren’t being improved through technology, and virtually no progress on decarbonising heat – which today is responsible for over a third of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Simon believed that the home services industry could change into one which was transparent & fair, technology-enabled to ensure home emergencies are solved quicker & quicker, and that it could use its unique capabilities to be a driving force in making heat in their homes green. He set up Hometree to lead that change, and to help homeowners keep their homes warm, safe & working, and increasingly in the future, better for the environment.