3. OnBuy – Cas Paton

Company: OnBuy

Founder: Cas Paton

Website: https://www.onbuy.com/gb/

Business: OnBuy is a UK online marketplace that platforms thousands of online retailers.


About OnBuy and Cas Paton

OnBuy is the fourth largest online marketplace in the UK. From small specialist outlets to major household names, an ever-increasing number of retailers are moving to sell their products on OnBuy.

OnBuy launched in November 2016 and are now the fastest-growing marketplace in the world. They saw what other major marketplaces offered and sought to create a fairer, more transparent marketplace. Their goal is to offer all the same advantages as the leading marketplaces but in a way that is fairer to buyers and sellers.




The business does not compete with its sellers by selling anything theirselves. They connect buyers like with thousands of professional business sellers (and vice versa) and allow their customers to make secure purchases, having recently partnered with PayPal.

Since their launch, OnBuy have welcomed sellers of all sizes on board, from huge brands to smaller independent retailers. By making a fairer platform for sellers, merchants are able to offer offer customers a wider product range than other marketplaces. Due to OnBuy’s competitive fees, merchants can price better too.