2. Needi – Louise Doyle and Steph Scholes

needi founders

Company: Needi

Founder: Louise Doyle and Steph Scholes

Website: https://needi.co.uk/

Business: Needi is an end to end intelligent gift matching technology that aims to revolutionise your gifting experience.


About Needi and Louise Doyle and Steph Scholes

Needi was born n August 2020. The business started with the team manually gift matching on a Square Space website. Now, Needi uses a psychology-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid with finding the perfect gift every time.

1 in 5 gifts go to landfill, and Needi’s aim is to significantly reduce that number. Their business model is simple: they charge merchants a percentage, and the customer receives the same price as any other website. Needi takes a small commission from its merchants, which is dependent on the amount of money that the merchants make. They also offer their merchants a yearly subscription to Needi.




Needi also makes an effort to select only the best products, and they try to avoid duplicates – for example, if there is already one scarf merchant, they will not add another 50 selling the same thing. This aims to prevent their marketplace from getting cluttered and oversaturated. It works to benefit both customers and merchants.

They also offer business development support, offering 360 degree support to their merchants.