17. Thriva

  • Thriva is on a mission to improve the Health Span of millions of people.
  • Thriva was launched in 2015 in London, United Kingdom, by Hamish Grierson, Eliot Brooks and Tom Livesey.
  • The company has helped over 850,000 people across the UK proactively manage their own health with affordable, clinical-grade testing, coaching and advice.




About Thriva


Thriva’s CE marked, at-home blood testing kits make it easy for anyone to collect a blood sample, which is then sent off to be processed by one of Thriva’s UKAS-accredited laboratories. The tests can analyse everything from vitamins and mineral levels to hormone function, and risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

In addition to its direct-to-consumer service, Thriva also partners with healthcare providers to keep people out of hospitals and GP surgeries. It supplies the Government, hospitals, insurers, GPs, private doctors and nutritionists with its remote testing solution and is helping to fuel the movement towards patient-centric models of care.

Thriva played a pivotal role in helping healthcare cope with the pandemic, working with the Department of Health and Social Care to provide a home testing solution for antibodies testing as part of the Government’s wider Test&Trace strategy. Under this initiative, Thriva has delivered a home testing service to over a million people in the UK.

Thriva 3-Year Plan


Over the next three years, Thriva will roll-out a suite of additional services that are all designed to add more value to our customers and our partners in a bid to help more people to appreciate their health and to be empowered to live more life in good health.




In addition to helping customers to understand what’s happening inside their bodies, the Thriva platform will also allow users to access specialists and clinicians, integrate their wearable data and receive increasingly personalised and powerful predictive insights that will help keep more people on the front foot.

By giving everyone the tools they need to understand their bodies, the actions to achieve their health goals, and the support they need along the way, Thriva’s ambition is to help millions of people around the world increase the time they spend in good health.


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