2. Huma

  • Huma is a British healthcare technology company founded by Dan Vahdat and Rich Khatib in 2011.
  • Huma provides a digital health platform used for predictive care and research.
  • The company produces applications that integrate health data from existing hospital databases as well as patient wearables and other mobile devices and securely transmits it for use by doctors.




About Huma


Huma is transforming healthcare and research globally. Their digital ‘hospital at home’ and decentralized clinical trial platform use real-time health data from smartphones to help patients, clinicians, researchers, and healthcare systems.

Huma’s health technology platform is transforming research and care. The modular, disease, device and cloud-agnostic platform enables rapid configurations for hospital-at-home, peri-op, companion-app and decentralized clinical trials solutions. The company also has national contracts for its ‘hospital at home’ service that allows clinicians to remotely care for patients with Covid-19, long-term conditions or who are awaiting surgery.

In April 2020, Medopad (as it was previously known) rebranded as Huma after acquiring BioBeats and Tarilian Laser Technologies, both British healthtech companies. The company’s focus shifted from remote monitoring of patients with rare and chronic diseases towards gathering biological data for use in preventative healthcare. The company also announced that it had appointed Alan Milburn as its first chairperson.

Atos and Huma enter into five-year partnership


Atos and Huma, the digital health innovator, have announced, in June 2021, a 5-year strategic global partnership to shift healthcare and clinical trials from hospital to home. The partnership will focus on Huma’s modular platform which can power digital ‘hospitals at home’ up to national scale, as well as support pharmaceutical and research industries to run complex global decentralised clinical trials. The platform is already used in the US and across Europe for illnesses ranging from atrial fibrillation to diabetes to Covid-19.

Atos will use its experience in implementing and scaling complex transformation projects to accelerate adoption of Huma’s technology. This will include investment by Atos worth up to €20 million split across R&D and go-to-market resources, including dedicated consulting and sales personnel. The investment in R&D will fast-track the integration of the Huma platform with other leading clinical platforms, as well as develop a dedicated video module.

The partnership will benefit from Huma’s class-leading software platform and 40+ patents, and Atos’ extensive professional service expertise in digital strategy, change management and service management.

The 5-year partnership will begin with integration, enabling global go-to-market deployments, but will also combine Atos’s expertise of driving digital adoption, support and infrastructure with Huma’s digital care, clinical trials and biomarkers. The companies conservatively expect the combined service will reach €100m revenue per year within the first four years.


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