3. Proximie

  • Proximie is a health technology platform that enables surgeons to virtually attend operating theaters to visually guide complex surgeries.
  • Proximie was founded in London, United Kingdom, in 2016 by Founder and CEO, Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram.
  • “By digitising surgery, Proximie can help accelerate the adoption of best practices, democratise access to the best surgical expertise for training and help to create better patient outcomes.”




About Proximie


Proximie is a software platform that allows clinicians to virtually ‘scrub in’ to any operating room or cath lab from anywhere in the world. By empowering clinicians to share their skills in real-time, Proximie is helping to reduce variation in care and ensure every patient receives the best healthcare every single time.

Proximie is used in more than 250 countries on six continents, in more than 250 hospitals and currently works with over 35 medical device organisations. Founded in late 2016, the ultimate vision is to change the surgical paradigm by creating a web of digital operating rooms.

Words from Proximie CEO and Founder, Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram


“I founded Proximie based on the ethos that shared knowledge leads to accelerated learning and better patient care,” Proximie’s CEO and Founder, Nadine Hachach-Haram FRCS (Plast), BEM, explains.

“Proximie was built to allow experts to virtually scrub-in to operating rooms and cath labs around the world, to support, coach and mentor each other, and to really look at the continuum of expertise throughout a surgeon’s career. What we wanted to do with Proxmie was to create a multi-sensory experience that was a catalyst for collaboration that could also digitise a surgeon’s footprint.

The important thing about the way we designed the platform from the outset was that we didn’t want Proximie to be a siloed product offering. I needed it to extend across the whole surgical industry, or ecosystem within the hospital, which are incredibly varied, complex and differ in every clinical setting.”




Dr. Nadine adds: “traditionally, we’ve always described surgery as see one, do one, teach one. It’s how we as surgeons train; it’s how we deliver care. Proximie is changing that model to prepare, perform and perfect, because we believe that it should be a digitised continuum. That means our user could be a first-year medical student or could be a senior consultant at the top of her game, but throughout the whole ecosystem from learning to care delivery, everything is connected.

In addition to being of use to the broadest user base within any given healthcare setting, Proximie was built to be light, easily deployed on low bandwidth, and therefore as usable in austere environments as it is in a high-end hospital.”

It’s incredibly exciting to think of the future global network of operating rooms interconnected by the world’s best clinicians, where every incision is already informed by machine learning and every clinician will be empowered with real-time diagnostics, data and analysis. We call this Connected Surgical Care.”


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