23. Lightpoint Medical

  • Lightpoint Medical is an early-stage medical device company founded in 2012 by Founder and Executive Chairman, David Tuch.
  • Lightpoint Medical develop intra-operative imaging technology that can detect cancer during surgery.
  • The company is currently developing and marketing miniaturized imaging and sensing tools for intra-operative cancer detection.




About Lightpoint Medical


Lightpoint Medical is addressing the urgent medical challenge that despite technological advances in surgical robotic platforms, surgeons lack the tools to accurately detect cancer intra-operatively. As a result, cancer is often left behind or more healthy tissue than needed is removed, increasing the need for adjuvant therapies, causing post-surgical complications, and escalating healthcare costs.

By exploiting advances in miniaturized sensor technologies and the development of cancer-targeted radiopharmaceuticals, such as 99mTc-PSMA (Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen) for prostate cancer, Lightpoint is developing miniature tools appropriate in scale for minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgery to accurately detect cancer in real-time intra-operatively.

The aims of Lightpoint’s surgical tools are to aid surgical decision making, improve patient outcomes, and decrease costs for healthcare systems.



Lightpoint has a pipeline of miniaturized surgical tools in development with the first, SENSEI®, recently approved for sale by regulators in the US, UK, EU, and Australia.

SENSEI® has been designed for intra-operative detection of sentinel lymph nodes as well as cancer metastasis through the lymphatic system. The technology promises more precise, targeted cancer surgery and is applicable across a wide range of major cancer types, including lung, colorectal, stomach, gynaecological, and prostate cancer.




Clinical trials of SENSEI® are underway at leading cancer centers in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain. The company has already signed commercial distribution deals for Spain, Portugal and Australia with many more in the pipeline.

Lightpoint successfully closed a $8 million fundraising round in spring 2021 and announced the expansion of its executive leadership team, including the appointment of new CEO, Graeme Smith, to lead the commercial growth of the company.


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