25. Antiverse

  • Co-founded in 2017 by Murat Tunaboylu (CEO) and Ben Holland (CTO), Antiverse is dedicated to engineering the future of drug development to change the course of people’s lives.
  • Antiverse are recognised as one of the top biotech startups in the UK, their service is already in use by big pharma.
  • They are finalists in the Europas hottest healthtech startup category.




About Antiverse


Antiverse is a new type of antibody discovery company accelerating drug development. The Antiverse platform exists at the intersection of structural biology, machine learning and medicine to enable breakthroughs to happen more quickly and cost-effectively. Antiverse is recognized as one of the top biotech startups in the UK with their antibody discovery service already in use by big pharma.

Antiverse has raised a total of £1.8M in funding over 5 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on March 15, 2021 from a Seed round. The company is funded by 9 investors. SyndicateRoom and ACF Investors are the most recent of these investors.

Antiverse’s Big Challenge


Every year 20 million people die because of cancer, heart and lung diseases. There are hundreds of difficult targets associated with these conditions and unfortunately, less than 1% of these targets are explored due to current methods requiring purified targets with intact structures – which can take up to two years to extract and purify.

Antiverse use the blueprint of difficult targets to create a map of the antibody-target universe. By studying the map, their machine learning models uncover patterns (rules) that govern the relationships between these molecules. With inhouse wet-lab capabilities, they can generate data, develop machine learning models, validate predictions, and iterate rapidly – reducing the drug discovery process from years to weeks.


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