26. uMed

  • uMed is a research technology company founded in 2018 by CEO Dr Matt Wilson, a former NHS anaesthetist and Medical Officer in the Royal Marines.
  • uMed’s unique platform helps healthcare providers run patient research more efficiently and at scale.
  • It does this by automating the processes required to build groups or ‘cohorts’ of patients which usually demand laborious, manual hours.




About uMed


uMed’s platform means that providers from GPs to hospitals can participate in dozens of programmes simultaneously without increasing their overhead or burden on staff. The effect is they can focus on providing clinical care to their patients, while patients can participate in many more studies from home with full transparency over the use of their health records.

The platform also enables researchers involved in clinical studies to access regulator quality data to target potential participants, then repeatedly reach back to those patients on behalf of the healthcare provider. This means data in the record can be combined with high quality, structured data, captured from the patient at home without any burden being placed on local healthcare provider staff.

uMed’s 3-Stage Process


  1. The platform integrates with the healthcare provider’s Electronic Health Record (EMR) to match eligible patients to studies that are sourced by uMed or internal research teams.
  2. The approval of the programs via the uMed dashboard triggers the automated outreach and remote consent of those patients on behalf of their recognized provider.
  3. uMed remotely captures data from both the patient, the EHR and where necessary the clinician, linking this data back to the study dataset in a seamless process that maintains robust guarding of patient data, provider oversight and a safe patient experience.

uMed is already embedded across a rapidly expanding global network that includes 1.7 million patients in more than 160 primary care sites in the UK, along with two million patients from a large US health system available from this year.


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