33. LabGenius

  • LabGenius is a privately held, synthetic biology company based in London, UK, founded in 2012 by James Field.
  • LabGenius is a biopharmaceutical company developing protein therapeutics using a machine learning-driven evolution engine.
  • It uses a combination of artificial intelligence, DNA synthesis, and robotics to discover high-value biological molecules.




About LabGenius


LabGenius is the first biopharmaceutical company developing next generation protein therapeutics using a machine learning-driven evolution engine (EVA™). Their protein engineering platform integrates several bleeding edge technologies from the fields of machine learning, synthetic biology and robotics.

The company’s novel technology is able to produce trillions of variations of gene sequences, which can be used to create new biological materials using artificial intelligence. It can predict which gene mutations will improve a biological design, thereby enabling scientists to produce new therapeutics or other materials such as adhesives, catalysts, and sensors.

LabGenius, in partnership with leading multinationals, is developing various products, focusing on the areas of biotherapeutics, advanced materials, and personal care. In the biotherapeutics category, LabGenius’ AI-driven evolution engine, EVA, is learning how to optimally enhance the stability of therapeutic proteins in protease rich environments such as the GI tract, tumour micro-environments, and inflamed tissues. The end goal is to enable the delivery of novel therapies for unmet clinical needs.

In the advanced materials area, engineered proteins can be used to form high value coatings, adhesives, fibres, catalysts, and sensors. LabGenius has completed several development projects in this area and are engaged in collaborative development with aerospace and defence companies.

LabGenius close oversubscribed Series A funding round


In October 2020 , it was announced that LabGenius has closed an oversubscribed $15M extension round, led by Atomico, to support the company’s mission of dramatically improving the discovery process for new protein therapeutics.

Since the first protein therapeutic was approved almost 40 years ago, this class of molecules has been used to treat both life-threatening conditions like cancer and chronic diseases like diabetes. Protein therapeutics represent 30% of total pharmaceutical sales. Yet high costs, risks and long timeframes associated with their development has limited the ability to bring new treatments to market. Today, getting just one new protein therapeutic to market costs the industry in excess of a billion pounds and can take more than a decade. LabGenius is building a systematic, machine learning-driven platform that will make the discovery of protein therapeutics faster and yield novel drugs that would not have been found using traditional methods.

The additional capital brings the company’s total Series A funding to $25M and will be used to increase investment into LabGenius’ underlying technology platform and product pipeline. As part of this financing, Atomico Partner Irina Haivas will join the board.


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