10 Apps To Help Manage Burnout This 2024

The new year is already kicking off with lots to do and whether or not you were able to rest this past holiday season, it is important to ensure you take the steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and routine. Preventing or minimising the effects of burnout from work, school or your business, can be done with the help of apps. The apps below stood out, and they could help you this year going forward!

1. The Zensory


The Zensory is a scientifically backed wellbeing and productivity app designed to transform mood in a matter of minutes. Supported by over 200+ research papers and world-leading experts, the app combines cutting-edge neuroscience techniques with immersive sensory practices to help users discover personalised ways to use their senses to work at their best, helping to maintain a healthy work-life balance and reduce burnout.

The app has had rave reviews, with 93% highly recommending the app to a friend or colleague. The Zensory works by using multi-sensory stimuli, such as soundscapes, touchpads, scents, breathing, tapping and taste suggestions, to help people tap into their own innate powers to zone in and zone out during the working day.

For many, this is providing a much-needed ‘pocket retreat’ for people looking for peace, calm and a focus companion to boost their productivity during the working day. We have found that by using quick 3 minutes sensory sessions you can improve your mood by up to 5x when it comes to productivity, relaxation, creativity and positivity.

2. Me Helping Me


This is an app which works as a self help guide and tool designed to help people calm their nervous systems by providing a wide range of easy to access energy practices. These practices are intended to promote emotional wellbeing and overall quality of life to help people to feel better and take back control of their lives. The app features video practices ranging from 90 seconds to 20 minutes, and are designed to appeal to the masses, not just those who are used to mindfulness and meditation.

Its purpose is to help individuals to start to see, enjoy and create more positivity around them, as part of their regular habits, Watching these videos enables them to find a calming focus without even ‘trying’.The app includes a healing platform and enhancement tips and techniques. The healing platform encourages the “parasympathetic nervous system” our “rest and repair” response and encourages users to achieve balance to aid in healing.

The enhancement part of the app includes tips and techniques to help users with things such as; work stress, family conflict, and overall positivity, allowing broader perspectives enabling more clarity and understanding. An additional goal of the app is to help users find answers from themselves without waiting for their environment to change.

3. Mettle


Built from the ground-up and co-designed with Imperial College London, Mettle is AI-supported and has been created to address the lack of apps available to men. With research actively commissioned to understand the best approach, the brand is on a mission to provide an antidote to toxic masculinity.

With meditation, breathwork and hypnosis at its core, Mettle is evidence-based and science-backed. The app has a plethora of mental fitness support and content provided by the likes of Bear Grylls, Dr. Alex George, hypnotist and behavioural scientist Paul McKenna, stress and burnout coach Chibs Okereke, and breathwork coach Jamie Clements.

Research commissioned by Mettle and carried out by Imperial College London has provided the brand with the evidence and scientific backing that highlights why this app is needed for men today. It was found that men are less likely to access psychological therapies or self help compared with women. Instead, approaches designed specifically for men are likely to be more effective.

This is why Mettle has focussed on specific techniques across meditation, breathwork and hypnosis, all supporting men’s mental fitness. Evidence from Imperial found that breathwork interventions improve stress, as well as anxiety and mood symptoms. Whilst hypnosis interventions improve anxiety and depression symptoms and can encourage behaviour change. Meditation was found to improve wellbeing and can help to train focus.

4. Wysa


Wysa is a global leader in AI-driven mental health support, available both to individuals, through employer benefits programmes and healthcare services. We believe access to support should be available whenever people need it. Stigma prevails, so we take away the need for people to ask for help and eliminate the need for people to make a judgement call on when they should seek professional support.

Proven to improve depression and anxiety scores by an average of 31%, Wysa’s AI-first approach enables employees to improve their mental health before symptoms become severe, by understanding an individual’s needs and guiding them through interactive cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) exercises. Wysa’s clinically safe AI encourages users to take additional support, whenever it’s needed, by guiding them towards Wysa’s human coaching, employer benefits programmes (EAP) or national crisis lines. Wysa has helped over 6 million people through 550 million AI conversations across 95 countries.

During Covid-19 they rolled out a scheme with 200,000 healthcare workers in the US. Frontline healthcare workers had to face the brunt of the stress caused by the pandemic. There was no relief, no respite for them. Others could take time off, but frontline workers had to be at it everyday for months at a stretch. The organisation rolled out Wysa to be easily accessible, available 24/7 and provide an emotionally safe outlet for these warriors to get at least one moment of peace amidst the madness.

5. Feel Amazing


The ‘Feel Amazing’ hypnotherapy app is the perfect pick-me-up with short recordings to fit into your busy life easily.

Feel Amazing is a place to relax, and make lasting changes with the soothing voice of renowned hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank. Reset your habits and patterns across all areas of your life.

Let the messages free you from the habits that trap you in a cycle of burnout instead create happiness and success on a deeper level. Easy to use, uplifting colours and with the function of changing the background music to suit your mood.

Try ‘Deep relaxation’ and ‘Good night’s sleep’ to release overload and burnout, or, ‘Switch off from work’ to help you to leave work at work and home at home. Try ‘Take control of alcohol’ to reduce your drinking to a safe level giving you more energy. The ‘Good time management’ fires you up in the morning to be more productive. The ‘Fit and well’ helps you to look after yourself better and listen to your needs. Other sections cover Confidence, Habit breaker addictions, Relationships, Stress, Women’s wellbeing, Children and Teens relaxation.


6. GoE Wellness App


GoE Wellness, a health platform that offers users a realistic programme to achieve wellness goals, has set out to revolutionise how individuals approach their health and well-being with its newly announced ‘GoE Wellness App’. The new app boasts over 200 classes, ranging from active exercises to mental well-being techniques. Being a digital health first, the technology bridges the gap between fitness, nutrition, beauty, and mindfulness, all in one cohesive platform.

The co-founders of GoE Wellness, decided to embark on their own wellness journey after years of involvement in the financial and legal aspects of various companies. Both of them underwent corporate burnout and made several unsuccessful attempts to achieve fitness and health. They found that the pathway to success is found within small steps, consistency, and repetitions.

The app helps to nurture your entire wellbeing with a holistic approach merging mindfulness, fitness, nutrition, and mental health support for a truly enriching experience. The app offers AI-powered personalised recommendations allowing users to receive custom-curated workouts, meditations, and self-care tips that evolve with their needs for a truly personalised journey.

7. Sleepwave


Sleepwave is the new motion-sensing smart alarm and sleep tracking app that wakes you up feeling fresh. Sleepwave has invented breakthrough motion-sensing technology that transforms your phone into a contactless motion sensor using inaudible sound waves.

Sleepwave uses the phone’s speaker to transmit an inaudible sound wave and senses your movements by listening for reflections using the microphone. This patent-pending technology enables accurate sleep tracking from a phone beside your bed that is comparable to wearable devices, and a motion-sensing smart alarm that is linked to your body movements.
Sleepwave is solving a big problem
Most people hate waking up in the morning! Fixed-time alarms often jolt us awake at a bad moment for our brain, causing lingering morning tiredness that negatively impacts how we start our day.

Sleepwave is proven to improve your morning wake-up experience with a smart alarm that is in sync with your body movements. Set a time window and the alarm sounds gently at a great moment when you’re primed to wake up well. 91% of testers reported that Sleepwave had a positive impact on their awakenings.

While the number of people dealing with burnout, anxiety disorders, and insomnia continues to peak, breathing as a way to relax and find inner peace is growing in popularity. And because breathing exercises are more effective if you do them correctly and regularly, moonbird has developed a tool that guides you intuitively, like a breathing coach in your hand. Relaxing has never been so easy. And fun.

8. Playsee


To help you overcome social media burnout in 2024, community-driven app Playsee is dedicated to conquering doom-scrolling and promoting a healthy, balanced use of social media. Playsee encourages users to explore what’s on their front doorstep and in their local community, and share their favourite hidden gems with their neighbours.

Playsee highlights everyday moments of people, places, and events happening in the community where users engage with local content and share experiences from their daily lives. Users share neighbourhood happenings through the authentic view and voice of locals. Whether that means discovering local gems, sharing one-off events or chatting with locals for honest recommendations, Playsee is all about using social media to create genuine experiences and interactions in the real world.

By spending less time scrolling and more time offline, Playsee provides a mindful alternative to other social media apps. Playsee, launched in the UK earlier this year, has so far accumulated 50 million downloads worldwide. The app allows you to foster connections and find hidden gems in your local area – with an interactive map showing tagged content and suggestions from locals.

Playsee recently launched their AI chatbot AILEX, which provides free, hyper-localised recommendations for things to do in your local communities.

9. Mindvalley


Mindvalley is the world’s most powerful transformation platform that helps people step into their greatness. From longevity and wellness, to peak performance and spirituality, it provides cutting-edge programmes from leading experts to help people achieve success and happiness and find fulfilment.

Mindvalley’s learning platform, called ‘Quest’, introduces a new way of learning that delivers unparalleled results in human transformation.

Mindvalley offers programmes designed to combat burnout by boosting productivity and enabling individuals to delve into a heightened state of relaxation, including best-selling author and Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani’s ‘6 Phase Meditation’ Quest that introduces a distinctive meditation method for peak performance and tranquility.

The platform also features a variety of different Quests, such as Vishen’s ‘Super Productivity’ geared towards enhancing focus, overcoming distractions, and swiftly achieving goals through seamless techniques.

You can access Mindvalley’s transformative content globally on the Mindvalley app and website.

Mindvalley spans across 195 countries with over 19,000 success stories and a community of 20 million passionate followers.

Explore more on Mindvalley’s social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.


10. Financial Mindfulness


Measure and Reduce your financial stress. Financial Mindfulness is your personalised financial stress reduction programme. Increase your financial knowledge. Develop your financial skills. Build your financial confidence. Track your progress and measure improvements. Achieve your financial goals. Improve your financial wellbeing. Explore the Financial Mindfulness modules. Better manage your monthly bills and expenses.

Learn how to better manage stress. Know how to manage your mortgage. Take the stress out of managing credit cards. Learn how to manage those unexpected expenses. Set your financial goals and achieve them. Get financial tips. Build your financial journal. Measure your progress. Enjoy the Financial Mindfulness sessions. Become more confident with your finances.

The programme has been developed by a team of Neuropsychologists, Mindfulness, Technology and Financial experts. Our Vision is for suffers of financial stress to experience financial wellbeing.