10 Best Alternatives To Uber

As tech companies continue to tackle the issue of affordable urban mobility, it’s hard to think of a company that had more of a global impact in the space than Uber.

However, the company certainly hasn’t gone without its scandals, whether it’s the Super Bowl, dangerous drivers or women feeling unsafe.

But for all the bad press, Uber has dramatically altered the way we view personal transport. It’s no surprise then that other companies tried to cash in on this emerging market, each marketing their own unique benefits and features.

From pre-scheduled rides to avoiding surge pricing, the market is now full of Uber competitors. So who are they? And what makes them stand out? We take a look…

1. Lyft


File:Lyft logo.svg - Wikipedia


Lyft is a major competitor to Uber in the U.S. ride-sharing market.

Known for its pink logo and competitive pricing, Lyft is all about community and passenger safety.

The app allows city dwellers to book rides quickly and easily, allowing them to book basic, luxury or ride-share options. Lyft also has a commitment to sustainability as it has pledged to work towards a fully EV operated fleet by 2023

2. Bolt

File:Bolt logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Previously known as Taxify, Bolt started in Tallin Estonia and now operates across Europe, Africa, covering more than 45 countries.

Bolt offers a range of transport options, including ride-hailing, scooters, and food delivery.

With a strong focus on affordability and a commission structure that is geared towards paying drivers fairly, Bolt has emerged as a strong brand in the transport space.


3. Gett


Gett UK - The Black Cab App


Gett is an Israeli company that has carved a niche for itself in the global ride-hailing service market.

Previously known as GetTaxi, Gett has expanded beyond taxi services to include B2B travel management, showing versatility in operations.

The company’s strong presence in the UK, Russia, and Israel, alongside its corporate offering has allowed Gett to expand quickly across key markets.


4. Ola Cabs


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Ola Cabs is an Indian ride-sharing company with headquarters in Bangalore.

Ola allows users to access both basic and luxury rides, catering to different needs and budgets.

With an emphasis on caring for their drivers, tech-driven safety features, and a large network, Ola has expanded not only India but also across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK

5. Wingz


Wingz (company) - Wikipedia


Wingz, a US based ride-hailing company, specialises in pre-scheduled, flat-fee, private rides, particularly for airport transfers.

By allowing users to book rides well in advance, Wingz offers fixed rates that do not surge based on demand – a problem many people face when arriving at airports.

Customers can also request their favourite drivers, making the experience more like a typical taxi fare.



6. Via


Public mobility solutions. | Via Transportation


Founded in New York, Via has expanded globally, operating in over 20 countries with its unique ride-sharing offering.

It uses an algorithm to match passengers heading in the same direction, reducing the number of cars on the road and lowering the cost per person.

This model is great for sustainability as it contributes towards lower emissions.


7. Cabify


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Cabify is a Spanish ride-sharing company that operates mainly in Spain, Latin America, and some parts of Europe.

The company is committed to safety, with bespoke features to make customers feel more comfortable, high quality drivers and transparent pricing.

Not only operating in consumer ride-sharing, Cabify also has their logistics arm, which helps companies move stock around the country.


8. Curb


Curb | Request & Pay for Taxis


Curb is a US based company that connects riders with professional, licensed taxi drivers.

This company blends the new age reliability of tech-led taxi apps with an old school riding experience with traditional taxis.

The app allows users to book rides instantly or schedule them in advance, meaning they can plan ahead. By partnering with licenced cabbies, Curb is making sure old school taxi drivers can continue to cash in on modern ride-hailing.


9. Grab


Grab - Taxi & Food Delivery - Apps on Google Play


Grab is a super app in Southeast Asia that offers a variety of services including food delivery, payments, and ride hailing.

Its safety features, loyalty program, and commitment to driver care means the company has been able to build a strong community. By uniting a variety of services into one platform, Grab is innovating across a number of sectors in Southeast Asia.


10. EasyTaxi


Easy (Easy Taxi) | LinkedIn


EasyTaxi is a Brazilian on-demand booking app that connects users with taxi drivers and private hire companies through its app.

Operating in over 30 countries globally, EasyTaxi provides an easy, safe, and reliable service.