10 Bosnian Startups To Keep An Eye On

As we step into 2024, the startup scene in Bosnia is brimming with innovation and growth.

This transformation is led by a diverse range of startups, each redefining industries with fresh ideas and new technologies. Keep an eye on these dynamic startups as they solidify Bosnia as an emerging European startup hub.


1. Rolla: Fitness with a Fresh Approach



Rolla is setting a new standard in the fitness industry with its innovative approach. With a significant €6.3m seed funding, this Bosnian startup is not just a fitness service; it’s a holistic health revolution. Rolla blends cutting-edge technology with personalised workout plans, making fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Their platform goes beyond traditional fitness regimes by incorporating data-driven insights to tailor fitness solutions that cater to individual needs and preferences. This user-centric approach, combined with state-of-the-art facilities and digital tools, positions Rolla as a leader in the evolving landscape of personal health and fitness.


2. eKupi: The Amazon of the Balkans


eKupi Hrvatska - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


eKupi is transforming the e-commerce experience in the Balkans, earning the moniker “The Amazon of the Balkans.” This startup offers an unparalleled online shopping experience, featuring a wide array of products from electronics to fashion.

What sets eKupi apart is its user-friendly interface and extensive product range, catering to the diverse needs of consumers in the region. With its recent expansion across various Balkan countries, eKupi is not just growing; it’s changing the way people shop, bringing a world of products to their fingertips and setting a new standard for online retail in the region.


3. Submarine Vibes: Harmonising Music and Design


Submarine Vibes · Record label ⟋ RA


Submarine Vibes stands out in the music industry by merging electronic music with innovative design and marketing. More than just a digital record label, it’s a creative hub where music meets art. The Sarajevo-based project has gained international attention by focusing on unique designs and immersive experiences, compensating for the local challenges in online music sales.

Their approach extends beyond creating and distributing music; it’s about building a brand that resonates with a global audience. With parties, workshops, and visually stunning presentations, Submarine Vibes is not just about sounds—it’s a multisensory journey into the world of electronic music.


4. Neybox Digital: Designing for Well-Being


Neybox Digital Ltd. - Current Openings


Neybox Digital is a trailblazer in the intersection of technology and wellness. With a focus on apps like Pillow and Today, Neybox is dedicated to improving the quality of life through digital innovation. Their standout product, Pillow, is a sleep tracking app that helps users understand and enhance their sleep patterns, while Today is a habit-tracking app aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles.

Operating with a small, dynamic team, Neybox is a testament to the impact of tech in personal well-being. Their commitment to creating intuitive, user-friendly apps has positioned them as a key player in the digital wellness sector.


5. Beebee: Pioneering Eco-friendly Transportation


beebee - Spremni za zujanje ? - Apps on Google Play


Beebee is redefining urban mobility in Sarajevo with its eco-friendly electric kick scooter sharing service. Established in 2020, this startup is at the forefront of promoting sustainable transportation solutions.

Their user-friendly app makes accessing electric scooters effortless, offering a convenient and environmentally conscious alternative for short-distance travel. Beebee’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and alleviating traffic congestion reflects a deeper vision of fostering a greener, more sustainable urban landscape. As the city of Sarajevo embraces more eco-friendly practices, Beebee is leading the charge in transforming how people navigate the urban environment.



6. Light Docs: Simplifying Legal Documentation


About Light Docs - Net Infrastructure company in Bosnia and Herzegovina | F6S


Light Docs is changing the process of legal documentation for businesses in Bosnia and the surrounding region. Created by a group of innovative young entrepreneurs from Zenica, this online platform offers instant access to a vast array of legal templates.

By simplifying the traditionally complex and time-consuming task of drafting legal documents, Light Docs caters to the needs of both small and large enterprises. Its user-friendly interface allows businesses to quickly find and customise legal documents, streamlining their operations and reducing dependency on legal professionals. As a result, Light Docs is emerging as a vital tool for the modern business landscape.


7. Krompir.ba: Delivering Freshness at Your Fingertips


About Krompir.ba - F6S Profile


Krompir.ba is changing the way people shop for groceries in Bosnia, focusing specifically on fresh fruits and vegetables. This innovative platform is not just a website; it’s a comprehensive solution for busy consumers seeking quality and convenience. Users can effortlessly order fresh produce through Krompir.ba’s app, accessible from any device and at any time.

What sets Krompir.ba apart is its commitment to freshness and quality. The platform carefully selects the best produce, ensuring that every item delivered is of the highest standard. For those looking to simplify their grocery shopping while maintaining a healthy diet, Krompir.ba offers an unmatched blend of convenience and quality.


8. Parttimerz: Connecting Freelancers and Clients


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Parttimerz is redefining the gig economy in Bosnia by providing a dynamic online platform where freelancers and clients can seamlessly connect. This platform caters to a variety of professional services, allowing freelancers to showcase their skills and businesses or individuals to find the right talent for their projects.

With its competitive bidding feature, Parttimerz ensures that clients get the best value for their money while freelancers get fair opportunities to secure work. This platform is not just about job transactions; it’s about building a community of professionals where skills are valued and opportunities are abundant.


9. SympoQ: Revolutionising Customer Support


SympoQ - Company Profile - Tracxn


SympoQ is transforming the way businesses handle customer support, leveraging advanced AI technology to enhance service efficiency. Founded in Travnik, this agile customer support software provides an array of tools, including a ticket system, live chat, and a knowledge base, to streamline support operations.

The standout feature of SympoQ is its AI Engine, which analyses past interactions to recommend optimal responses, thus improving the quality and speed of customer service. This technology empowers organisations to meet customer expectations more effectively, regardless of language barriers, making SympoQ an indispensable tool for any customer-focused business.


10. Bookvar: Democratising Learning


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Bookvar is a new learning platform in Bosnia, offering free educational courses in the Bosnian language. It’s more than just an online learning resource; it’s a community that bridges learners with experts across various fields.

Bookvar enables anyone interested in expanding their knowledge or skills to access a wide range of courses without any cost. This platform also provides a unique opportunity for experts to share their knowledge by creating and offering their own courses. Through democratising education, Bookvar is breaking down barriers to learning and empowering individuals to enhance their personal and professional growth.


These ten Bosnian startups represent the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial drive thriving in Bosnia. From transforming retail landscapes to revolutionising fitness and education, these companies are not just shaping the future of their respective industries but are also positioning Bosnia as a hub of technological and entrepreneurial innovation. Keep an eye on these rising stars in 2024, as they are set to make significant impacts both locally and internationally.